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There Is Nothing Like This In The Area!

Shoot 360 is bringing unprecedented technology to hoopers in the FM area.

It all started with a Google search.

Josh Johnson, Owner of Fargo Basketball Academy was looking for the next big thing, a way to improve his already established basketball training facility. And he knew that whatever that might be, it probably had a technological component to it. That search eventually led him to Shoot 360.

At the time that Johnson first reached out, there were only four Shoot 360 stores in existence with locations in Portland, O.R., Vancouver, W.A., Los Angeles, C.A. and Indianapolis, I.N., meaning it was time to take a trip out west.

“Immediately when I walked into the LA store with the manager, I was blown away,” Johnson said. “I came back to town and told my wife that we had to do this immediately.”

From there, Johnson began a process of bringing Shoot 360 to the Fargo market—a process that would take a few years.

“I went out to meet the company’s founder, Craig Moody,” Johnson said. “What is funny is that we actually already knew each other. I used to coach basketball in Portland and that’s where he’s from so I kind of knew him already. We hit it off right away, but I don’t think he would have bet on Fargo as early as he did if we didn’t have those mutual connections.”

Now, Shoot 360 is here and it’s truly disrupting the local basketball market for the better.

What is Shoot 360?

Shoot 360 brings basketball training, technology and video gaming together for the ultimate basketball training and competition experience. At the heart of the Shoot 360 technology is the capability to track a shot’s 3 important components: the arc, the depth and its right-left positioning in relation to the center of the hoop. Shoot 360 does all of this while offering multiple game options and assisted rebounding… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

GNodland Shoot
Fargo’s Shoot 360 facility also features interactive bays where athletes can practice their handles and passing abilities.

What blew you away about the technology?

There isn’t really one thing. It’s kind of the whole package that makes you say “wow.”

You can go in as a beginner and get involved in the gaming aspect of it or you can come in as a DI athlete or even an NBA athlete and get just as intense of a workout.

It’s the overall feel, the overall look, the overall environment. This is the future of basketball.

How do the Fargo Basketball Academy and Shoot 360 accommodate one another?

Even though they are two separate businesses, they are only separated by a wall and they really do feed off of each other.

GNodland Shoot3
Josh Johnson and his wife Katie Johnson, who runs the entire Fargo Basketball Academy side of the operation.

What is the Fargo Basketball Academy?

The Fargo Basketball Academy is a basketball training facility located along 52nd Avenue South in Fargo featuring fantastic instructors who have played at every competitive level, including the NBA. The facility sits directly next to Shoot 360 and has both private and group lessons available.

Don’t play basketball? They also have volleyball instructors and lessons.

Shoot 360 / Fargo Basketball Academy

5409 53rd Ave S, Fargo, ND

At Fargo Basketball Academy, you have the old-school traditional classroom setting where kids of all ages and skill levels can come and learn that way. On the Shoot 360 side, you have the opportunity to experience the new age technology and, at times, we’ll kind of merge the two and even do private FBA lessons on the Shoot 360 side.

How did you come into ownership of the Fargo Basketball Academy?

We moved back to the Fargo area from Portland in 2017 and I was working for my father-in-law who was a real estate developer in town. I loved that and I enjoyed being there, but I just needed to get back with the sport, with kids and be my own boss.

My son was taking FBA classes like any normal kid and one day when I was picking him up, the light bulb went off and I eventually called the founder, Tom Wilberscheid, and asked him if he would ever sell the place. We had a few meetings after that and he thought about it for three or four months before we got a contract signed.

Was this your first foray into entrepreneurship?

No. I’ve owned several businesses. The first time I lived in Fargo, from 2006 to 2011, I ran a basketball tournament business. I’ve always been an entrepreneur.

What’s your favorite part about coaching kids?

It’s the relationship with the kids. Whether they end up playing basketball or not, it’s the smile you see on their face. I get a lot of gratification out of being able to positively impact kids on a daily basis.

Sometimes they want to talk about anything but basketball. They want to tell you all about how they did on a test or what they did on the weekend or how they played in their game. Sometimes when you see them in public, they’ll just run up to you and start talking. That’s the most gratifying part is making a positive. impact in their lives.

Did You Know?

Shoot 360 Fargo signed 7 NDSU women’s basketball players to a NIL deal this year to be members and ambassadors of the business!

  • Heaven Hamling
  • Abbey Kubas
  • Rachel Novak
  • Katie Hilderbrandt
  • Emily Behnke
  • Sophie Olson
  • Abby Schulte

Written by Brady Drake

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