Photos by Geneva Nodland
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The Annual 2023 Fargo-Moorhead Whiskey Fest Recap

The Annual Fargo-Moorhead Whiskey Fest was held on Thursday, April 13 at the Sanctuary Events Center. The event featured a wide variety of premium brands of Irish whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon! The Whiskey Fest acted as a fundraiser for two nonprofit organizations; the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund and The Christmas Gift. In total, the nonprofits raised upwards of $5,000. Keep an eye out for the event’s return in the spring of 2024, and check out a recap of this year!

From start to finish, the event saw an extraordinary turnout throughout the evening’s fundraising event.

One of the two nonprofit organizations, The Christmas Gift, was presented with $1,500 at the event!

The event’s winning cocktail was crafted by Micheal from Frank’s Lounge. In this drink, he used Forrie Smith Whiskey from the Oak and Eden table.

Another honorable nonprofit organization, the Lt. Adam Gustafson Memorial Fund, was presented with $1,500 at the event.

Some drinks at Whiskey Fest 2023 were “smoked” to enhance the beverage’s flavors!

The Stack-Up

Attendees: over 300
Products Served: over 90
Fund Raised: ober $5,000

The event featured an array of beverages, portraying some as reminiscent of a warm summer, some like a sub-zero winter, and more. Many of the event’s beverage offerings, such as this one, would be perfect to warm up on a cold winter night

Brand ambassadors teamed up with some of the finest mixologists from the Fargo-Moorhead area to showcase their signature cocktails.

The event had an astounding turnout, as cocktails were showcased on multiple levels of the Sanctuary Events Center in downtown Fargo.

The team at Frank’s Lounge was honored to win the “People’s Choice Mixologist Award”!

Written by Grant Ayers

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