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StretchLab: The Newest Option In Town For Increased Mobility

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It’s not a STRETCH to say that the majority of us don’t work on our mobility enough. Fortunately, Fargo has a new option to help us get moving.

StretchLab, a national chain with over 150 franchise locations and over 587 licensed locations, opened in Fargo this April on the corner of 45th St. and 17th Ave. S., offering assisted stretching in a comfortable open environment.

I actually had the opportunity of trying a 15-minute introductory stretch and was thoroughly impressed. My certified “flexologist” was friendly and efficient in identifying my areas for improvement (she’s not wrong, these hips are tight!).

Then, we got to work.

My flexologist, Kianna Murry, mostly utilized post-isometric relaxation stretching techniques (PFN), is when a muscle group is passively stretched and then contracted isometrically against the resistance while in a stretched position.

I had had this sort of work done before while rehabilitating an injury and can say that it is a very effective method of improving range of motion. Though our time was short, Murry performed a number of hip stretches as well as a hamstring stretch. She even did some traction work on my neck when I mentioned that I was a little stiff. For those interested, the first one-on-one 50-minute visit is $50 and the first group stretch visit is free! There is also plenty of membership pricing available as well.

At StretchLab, they utilize MAPS technology which assesses your areas of need based on the quality of your movement

A Personal Purpose

Tara Lindberg

StretchLab Fargo General Manager Tara Lindberg has seen just how powerful of an impact assisted stretch can have.

“I have a stereotypical overtrained athlete for a son, he plays hockey and lacrosse, but he’s also big into the running and the weightlifting and everything else associated with that,” Lindberg said. “He plays in a very competitive environment, so, there aren’t really any breaks. There’s no stopping.”

And her son didn’t stop, at least originally, when he began having issues with his hips. He kept doing everything: running, lifting, jumping and skating— that is until he couldn’t.

“We were out in Michigan for a hockey tournament,” Lindberg said. “We got back in the airplane, into the tight seats and he just locked up. We went into orthopedics because he was in so much pain and he has a very high pain tolerance so it takes a lot for him to tell you if he is in pain.” Lindberg’s son was so inflexible at the time that he was unable to pull his knee up into his chest. From there, the family tried physical therapy with no change, leading them to contemplate surgical options. They were lost for a solution until at the recommendation of a physician, they began a routine with StretchLab in the twin cities area.

“We would stay overnight and book multiple appointments,” Lindberg said.

And it helped! Slowly, her son was able to ease his way back into the sport he loved by limiting his practice time and limiting himself to one game per weekend until he was ready. Now, it’s all about maintenance—taking what he has learned and doing his own soft tissue work while also getting work done at StretchLab every so often.

And now, Linberg is working to help make sure locals can find the same sort of relief.


Phone: 701-893-8944
Address: 1650 45th St S Suite 118, Fargo

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Written by Brady Drake

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