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Sneak Peek: The Mosaic District

Get an Inside Look at Downtown Fargo’s New Women-Focused Art District

The Mosaic District was launched by Melanie Iverson, owner and co-founder of Mosaic Design and Build. The vision of the space is for female entrepreneurs and creatives, craving community and inspiration while growing their small businesses. As the co-founder of She Overcomes, Melanie knew small business owners need a community to encourage and support their work. Online groups and other networking events are awesome, but they don’t address the day in and day out solitude most entrepreneurs feel. No one should be on an island. When the opportunity arose to purchase the building, Melanie jumped at the chance to create the community she craved and got to work with her team. Melanie has tagged the new art district as an “unofficial female co-working space,” which is not limited to women only, but rather that only women have applied to occupy the space, therefore, making it an unofficial hub for an underserved community in Fargo.

Meet Laura Rettig and Kate Baldock, First Members of The Mosaic District

Currently, Melanie operates her Interior Design Studio out of the space with local artists Kate Baldock and Laura Rettig. Although the two artists go way back, they really began to connect creatively when Melanie reached out to both of them at the Fargo-Moorhead She Overcomes Masquerade Ball in 2021 with the vision of creating The Mosaic District. “I thought it would be really cool to have a bunch of women in the same place and create an atmosphere where it was really conducive to invite a bunch of other people into it,” said Melanie. And because of the intentional layout of The Mosaic District space, this concept is really able to come to life; it’s one giant co-working space.

Growing the Mosaic Family Tree

Kate LAura 1
Kate Baldock and Laura Rettig’s collaborative creative space at the new Mosaic District

In March, a new hot yoga studio, modeling agency, photography studio, wellness coaching, and a notary will also be operating out of the Mosaic District. And all are female business owners, committed to supporting each other and our community. There are two more spots open for female entrepreneurs to join the vision of supporting women practically, every single day, while joining a community invested in each other’s success.

With the Drekker expansion coming just down the block fourth quarter, and the apartment complex going up across the street by Century Builders, Downtown Fargo is quickly moving West, and Iverson couldn’t be happier.

“As a designer, I spend much of my time alone,” Iverson said. “It can get lonely. Although I’m adding to the Mosaic Design team, I’m also convinced other creatives and business owners feel the same. I love surrounding myself with like-minded women who know the challenges of owning a small business. If I can create an atmosphere for creativity, ideating and good work, I’d say the space will have succeeded.”

You Could Be a Part of The Mosaic District
Two vacancies are available at the brand-new Mosaic Art District. This space is “for women (or anyone else—all are welcome) who want to join a community and support other small businesses, and who also want to be a part of a really fun collaborative space.”

Written by Josiah Kopp

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