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SCHEELS Supports Local Vendors

SCHEELS is inarguably one of the most successful companies to come out of the Red River Valley. The sporting goods store currently has 30 locations open in the United States, with two additional locations opening this year and two opening in 2024. An ever-growing company with over 10,000 employees, it would seem challenging to stay committed to the local community—but SCHEELS has continued to maintain this devotion, stocking their shelves with many local products.

With locations in soon-to-be 16 states, each SCHEELS store comes with its own local flair, bringing in local products that are unique to each market. Although SCHEELS Home & Hardware is the only one of its kind in the country, when it comes to local products, they’re no different. At the store, customers will find everything they need when it comes to outdoor equipment and yard care, home furniture and decor, and patio and outdoor furniture, along with a women’s clothing boutique and a full outdoor cooking shop complete with seasonings, sauces, and so much more.

Mona Daigle, who is an integral part of creating a great floor presence at the Home & Hardware store, works with the store team to make the store floor the best it can be. She believes a big part of that is due to bringing in great local products.

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Mona Daigle

“Many of the local products we have are here because an expert had a positive experience with them, we heard something positive about the product around town, or because a customer specifically asked us to carry the product,” Mona said. “Carrying local products is important for us to do because we are able to help out local vendors that have a hard time competing with large vendors that have been around longer and have an established sales base. By bringing in their products, we can help increase their sales and exposure.”

Some of the many great local vendors you can find at SCHEELS include:

Big Deck Barbecue Co.

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Founded by former NDSU football player Zach Willis and his father in Fargo, ND, Big Deck Barbecue found its way onto SCHEELS shelves through customer requests.

SCHEELS Home & Hardware was one of the first retail outlets to bring us into their store. We were still very new to the market, and they believed in us enough to take on our product. When we first started producing our sauce, we weren’t even close to being shelf-ready, and multiple people at SCHEELS told us that once we were ready, we’d have a spot with them—that meant a lot to a crew that was looking for their place in the industry,” Zach said.

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“They have a good variety,” Mona said. “They have a number of sauces, mustards, and rubs, all with fun names. After just two months in our store, we knew this would be a good seller. Now, we have them in four stores!”

“Working with SCHEELS is everything I could ask for in a partnership and more,” Zach said. “They’re understanding of the fact that the size of our operation sometimes causes issues. There are never hard-set deadlines or any exorbitant costs that can come with working with other vendors in this industry. They just support us and help us grow in the multiple ways I mentioned before, as well as by bringing our product into more of their stores across the country. I think SCHEELS’ commitment to supporting local is extremely impressive, especially considering they’ve been a true lynchpin in not only our growth but many other local companies’ growth as well. It’s one thing to make a few purchase orders here and there, then continue to push national brands, but to push the great homegrown products at the level that they do is really incredible.” 

Big Deck Barbecue Co.’s growing list of products currently includes:

  • “THE OG” Sweet and smoky, this barbecue sauce is where it all started. Always perfect until the last drop.
  • “The Medora” – A mouthwatering combination of the OG sauce, chipotle peppers and southwest seasonings, this sauce is perfect for the person who wants a little kick to spice up their barbecue game.
  • “PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS” – You read that right—a combination of peanut butter and the OG recipe, this barbecue sauce is perfect for those that want to try something new and delicious.
  • “RED RIVER MOP SAUCE” – Their Carolina-style, vinegar-based barbecue sauce is finally back and here to stay. Tangy, flavorful, and less sweet than the rest of the sauces, Red River Mop Sauce is perfect for the hardcore barbecuer or just someone who’s looking for something new.
  • “DAKOTA MUSTARD” – Their take on Carolina Mustard. Tangy, sweet, and smoky, this mustard is the perfect replacement for the plain yellow stuff in your fridge.
  • “DILL PICKLE MUSTARD” – This one speaks for itself. Dill pickle and mustard. An undefeated combination that you need to get your hands on today. 
  • “BADLANDS RUB” – Smoky, sweet, and spicy. Everything you’ve come to know and love from their Medora barbecue sauce is rolled into this rub. Chipotle, cayenne, and brown sugar make this the perfect seasoning for whatever you’re putting on the table.
  • “DECK DIRT” – Stand out at your cookout! Food-safe charcoal gives Deck Dirt and anything you use it on a stunning and unique presentation. Black pepper and garlic are the forward flavors—it’s truly perfect for anything.
  • “FARGOCOA” – Ditch the old taco seasoning packet – Fargocoa is here. Dynamic flavors that include cumin, garlic, and salt, there is nothing you can’t put Fargocoa on.
  • “BAYOU BISON” – Their take on a cajun seasoning—a little heat, a little garlic, a little salt. Great for the crawfish boil or topping some gumbo—this will soon become your new favorite.
  • “GARLIC HABANERO HOT SAUCE” – A change up from our usual fruit pairing—that habanero heat you love meets the savory flavor of garlic. Whether it’s pizza, wings, or a bloody mary, this will be the first bottle you reach for every time you go to the fridge.

Facebook: /bigdeckbbq
Instagram: @bigdeckbbqco
TikTok: @bigdeckbbq
Twitter: @bigdeckbbqco

Zoob's Nuts

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Carl Springer, owner of Zoob’s Nuts—founded in 2018 in Wyndmere, ND—was at SCHEELS Home & Hardware one day looking for a part for his grill. 

“When asked what he was grilling, he said, ‘smoked pistachios,’” said Mona. “Carl then brought in samples and we immediately brought them into our store.”

“The Naughty & Nice Pecans were just going to be sold during the holidays,” Mona said. “But, they did so well, they’re now sold year-round and are one of my favorites along with the Garlic Jalapeno Pistachios.”

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Zoob’s Nuts started as a backyard hobby, but now offers a large variety of flavored pistachios, almonds, pecans, rubs, and seasonings. 

Zoob’s Nuts products include:

  • Zoob’s Chili Bomb – A chili seasoning packet, combining chili pepper, salt, cumin, oregano, garlic, onion, cayenne, ground mustard, sugar, and cane molasses.
  • Zoob’s Spicy Chili Bomb – All of the things you love from Zoob’s original Chili Bomb recipe with an extra spicy kick!
  • Zoob’s Meat Rub – The perfect blend of seasonings to sprinkle on your meat.
  • Zoob’s Rib Rub – Blended with the perfect amount of sweet and savory. Use whatever binder you like and rub it on some soon-to-be delicious ribs.
  • Zoob’s Nuts Smoked Pistachios – Zoob’s Nuts’ world-renowned, garlic/chipotle smoked pistachios.  
  • Zoob’s Smoked Almonds – Inspired by their pistachios, these garlic (with just a hint of chipotle) smoked almonds, are sure to tickle your taste buds.  
  • Zoob’s Honey Roasted Chipotle Peanuts – If you like a little heat with your sweet, these peanuts are for you! 
  • Zoob’s Naughty & Nice Pecans – Sweet, buttery, spicy pecans that are perfect for every season, not just the holidays!
  • Zoob’s Sweet Chili Smoked Pistachios – A little bit of sweet, a whole lot of savory. This newest creation will not disappoint!
  • Zoob’s Jalapeno Smoked Pistachios – These glorious little devils have just the right amount of zip to make you want another and another, and then the rest of the bag.  
  • Zoob’s Jalapeno Garlic Smoked Pistachios – Just like the Jalapeno Smoked Pistachios but with a bit more garlic. 

Facebook: /zoobsnuts
Instagram: @zoobsnuts

Beer's Blackdog BBQ

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Joe Beer, the owner of Beer’s Blackdog BBQ, dropped off a case of his original BBQ sauce for SCHEELS employees to try with the hope they would carry his sauce. Now, this Bemidji, MN-born company’s sauce is the best-selling sauce in SCHEELS and is on the shelves at all of their stores.

“This is a staple at my house,” Mona said. It is a sauce that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. With only one flavor, it’s a sweet tangy sauce with a hint of smokiness and just enough heat to keep you coming back for more. It’s a must-try sauce.

To Deb (my business partner and wife) and I, SCHEELS cares about the people. From the management and sales floor to the office and the warehouse, everyone has treated us like gold. SCHEELS, being an employee-owned company, shows in their drive and desire to partner with you for the success of your company as well as their own,” Joe said.

Facebook: /BeersblackdogBBQ
Instagram: @beersblackdogbbq4

Dakota Dirt Coffee Company



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Dakota Dirt Coffee Company, a company founded by three friends—Wyatt Mund, Landon Mund, and Beau Goolsbey—in 2020, caught the attention of SCHEELS all the way from Milnor, ND, thanks to great coffee and great social media content. They’ve taken a fun, creative, and funny approach to marketing and it’s working. These three friends have made it their mission to guarantee fresh grounds and great taste, offering a premium cup of “dirt,” which is slang for coffee that’s, as they say, “good from the grounds up.”

“Their coffees offer great variety and great flavors,” Mona said. “It’s hard to keep our shelves full of their products because they sell so well. It is very hard for me to choose a favorite, but my top three are Frozen Tundra, Kickin’ Up Dust, and Flatlander.”

“SCHEELS is a dream retail partner for us,” Wyatt Mund said. “We align not just on our Midwest values but also on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. SCHEELS is a company that values its team and understands the importance of a positive shopping experience. They’ve been highly supportive of Dakota Dirt, providing us with opportunities to collaborate both in-store and online. We’re excited for the future of our partnership as they continue to open new locations—allowing us to share a taste of the Midwest all over the US!”

Dakota Dirt Coffee Company’s products include:

  • “Kickin’ Up Dust” (Light Roast) – signature light roast blend. Tasting Notes: bright, honey, and rowdy
  • “Frozen Tundra” (Medium/Light Roast) – signature medium/light roast. A blend that will get you through those Midwest winters. Tasting Notes: bundled-up, buttery, caramel
  • “Flatlander” (Medium Roast) – signature medium roast carrying all of the blend’s best qualities. Tasting notes: Smooth, nutty, classic
  • “Buck Fever” (Medium/Dark Roast) – They say no hunter is immune to buck fever, but Dakota Dirt’s Buck Fever blend might just be the cure! Tasting Notes: bold and smoky  
  • “6 Feet Under” (Dark Roast) – signature dark roast blend. Tasting Notes: bold, rich, and deep
  • “Stick in the Mud” (Decaf Medium Roast) – decaffeinated for the coffee drinkers who dare to be different. Tasting Notes: soft and citrus
  • Mexican (Light Roast) – 100% single origin Mexican coffee beans. Tasting Notes: smooth, cinnamon, chocolate
  • Costa Rican (Medium Roast) – 100% single origin Costa Rican coffee beans. Tasting Notes: balanced, citrus, honey
  • Columbian (Medium Roast) 100% single origin Columbian coffee beans. Tasting Notes: balanced, nutty, caramel
  • Tanzanian (Dark Roast) – 100% single origin Tanzanian coffee beans. Tasting Notes: bold, berry, chocolate



It’s no question that SCHEELS cares about our four-legged, furry friends and it’s clear that Perham, MN-based NutriSource does as well.  NutriSource was founded in 1964 under the name Tuffy’s Pet Foods, which remains the parent company of NutriSource. To this day, they are a third-generation family-owned business focused on pet health and well-being, producing safe, high-quality, healthy pet foods and treats, with over 35 dry recipes and 25 wet recipes for dogs and cats.  

“We were not selling any pet food at the time, but we brought this one in to give it a try,” Mona said. Now it’s a brand that’s carried in approximately 20 stores and Mona said, “I buy this brand of food and treats for my dog and cat. They love it!”

“SCHEELS has a very strong and loyal customer base,” Matt King, Vice President of Sales at NutriSource, said. “The exposure for our brands has allowed us to be the preferred pet food brand for SCHEELS customers and has allowed us to grow our brands tremendously.”


Facebook: /NutiSourcePetFoods

Instagram: @nutrisourcepetfoods

Homecrest Outdoor Living

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SCHEELS Home & Hardware carries some of the best and most beautiful patio furniture, which is something Homecrest Outdoor Living, based out of Wadena, MN, does well. Quality, performance, and comfort have been at the forefront of Homecrest since they started in 1953. Their focus today takes those same principles and encompasses the demands of style-driven consumers that are searching for sophisticated designs to complement and accent their homes, creating seamless indoor and outdoor living spaces.  

Homecrest has been with SCHEELS Home & Hardware for five years and it’s no wonder why. Their high-quality products are versatile, with many options of fabric and finishes to choose from. They have a wide selection of outdoor products, from seating, tables, fire tables, and accessories that will not only complement but also complete any outdoor living space. 

“Once you have this brand, you may just stay with it,” Mona said. “Their warranty is hard to beat, but honestly, you might not even need it. I have a round stone table and chair set that is four years old—it still looks great and no repairs have been needed.”

Facebook: /homecrestoutdoorliving
Instagram: @homecrestoutdoorliving
Twitter: @HomecrestUSA

These are just a few of the many local vendors that SCHEELS supports. 

To see their full lineup head to:

SCHEELS Home & Hardware

3202 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

Facebook: /scheelshardware
Instagram: @scheelshardware

Written by Brady Drake

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