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Our Staff Picks Part Three

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

To commemorate the year 2019, we decided to shake things up a bit. Rather than taking a trip down memory lane, we wanted to recognize all of our great staff here at Spotlight! Without them, you would not be reading this magazine right now. So, get to know our staff and find out their favorite places in Fargo-Moorhead. Find out our staff picks now!

npschmidt final 00431Colleen Dreyer, Vice President of Human Resources

Her Pick! Babb’s Coffee House

Why? “Babb’s is one of my favorite spots in town for a few reasons. One, it’s located just down the street from our office, which makes for a quick and easy coffee break during the workday. Second, it is the first place my boyfriend took me during my first visit to Fargo before I ever moved here. Because of this, I have such fond memories of this Coffee House and it’s become ‘our spot’. Plus, the Mango Arnold Palmer is to die for!”

Check it out! Babb’s Coffee House | 604 Main Ave, Fargo

npschmidt final 00113Hillary Ehlen, Photography Director

Her Pick! Dempsey’s

Why? “Mainly tacos, live music and Irish car bombs. Yet, there is a certain nostalgia and importance behind Dempsey’s that make it extremely special to me.”

Check it out! Dempsey’s Public House | 226 Broadway N, Fargo

Kirsten Lund, Inbound Marketing Strategist

Her Pick! Mezzaluna

Why? I love dressing up and going out, and Mezzaluna has the perfect atmosphere and customer service to make me feel like a queen! Their food is always on point when it comes to display and taste, their drink menu is amazing, and their high-quality service makes me want to come back time after time.

Kellen Feeney, Executive Sales Assistant

His Pick! Pounds

Why? One of my favorite places to hang out in Downtown Fargo is Pounds. They have a lot of original food and drinks on their menu that is fun for everyone, a great bloody mary bar, and on Friday and Saturday nights people can enjoy great House Music provided by local duo, Lucky Sevenz.

Zach Olson, Sales Executive

His Pick! Sports Bar

Why? Living downtown gives you a bunch of different food/ drink options. It is always fun to check out different restaurants, but the one place I always end up at is Sports Bar. The staff is friendly and personable and goes out of their way to make you feel like you’re welcome. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking to have a good time.

Christy German, Marketing Designer

Her Pick! Sandy’s Donuts

Why? Because donuts are circles of happiness! Sandy’s never disappoints with their wide variety of choices and flavor combinations. It’s definitely my go-to, guilty pleasure breakfast.

Written by Brady Drake

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