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Our Staff Picks Part One

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

To commemorate the year 2019, we decided to shake things up a bit. Rather than taking a trip down memory lane, we wanted to recognize all of our great staff here at Spotlight! Without them, you would not be reading this magazine right now. So, get to know our staff and find out their favorite places in Fargo-Moorhead. Find out our staff picks now!

Jenny Johnson, Client Relations Manager

Her Pick! Vinyl Taco

Why? “When looking for a fun night out with friends, my go-to is always Vinyl Taco. The atmosphere is energizing, the decor is on point and you get a sense of nostalgia with music from the past playing on their vintage record player. Most importantly, margaritas, chips and queso give me life.”

Check it out! Vinyl Taco | 520 1st Ave N, Fargo

Cassie Wiste, Account Strategist

Her Pick! Osaka

Why? “We have a large multi-generational family living in Fargo from great grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. One of our birthday rituals is to let the ‘birthday kid’ pick a restaurant where we all will gather to celebrate. Many times, we hear the same selection: Let’s go to Okaka! This is probably because Osaka is more than a meal, it is entertainment, fond memories and a good time for all ages. I have also found it makes for a fun place to bring guests from out of town, who have never encountered a live Hibachi grill before. After some downtown shopping and local site seeing, it is unique for those new to the experience.”

Check it out! Osaka | 1111 38th St S, Fargo

Brady Drake, Editorial Assistant

His Pick! Everest Tikka House

Why? First off, their food is amazing, spicy or not, but I love spicy food and they have the hottest food in town. I once ordered a dish there that choked out the entire restaurant. Was it too much? Maybe. Was it the best thing I’ve ever eaten there? No. But I asked them to make the dish as hot as they could and they made a dish so hot it made everyone cough. That’s a commitment to customer service. (The food can be ordered mild as well and it is amazing.)

Bruce Crummy, Distribution

His Pick! Area thrift stores

Why? With over two dozen thrift-type stores in F-M, I love looking for bargains!

Mike Dragosavich, Publisher

His Pick! Herd and Horns

Why? As a former Bison Football Player it’s a natural choice. Plus they treat me like I’m someone important 😉

Nolan Schmidt, Bison Illustrated Editor and Fargo Monthly Co-Editor

His Pick! Vinyl Giant

Why? First and foremost, the customer service. Aaron and Erica are great owners and know how to treat their customers right. I always enjoy chatting with both of them, but the real star employee is Gertie. She is always the first to greet you when you arrive and the last to say goodbye as you leave. That is a commitment to a customer. Sure, it’s a little weird when she asks you to scratch her stomach, but hey, I’m a weird guy. Secondly, they always seem to have what I’m looking for in terms of vinyl. From Jay Ferguson to OutKast to Slayer, they always seem to satisfy my eclectic musical samplings.

Written by Brady Drake

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