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New In Town: Black Coffee And Waffle Bar

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

Waffles and coffee. The pairing is almost as American as apple pie and ice cream. Well, maybe not quite yet, but Black Coffee And Waffle Bar is looking to make that a reality in the near future. Founded in Minneapolis in 2014, the hip cafe has since migrated and made a location in Downtown Fargo. The results have been astonishing with Fargoans flocking to Black Coffee And Waffle Bar for their homespun waffles and coffee.

But what sets their waffles apart from other places? I mean, waffles are waffles anywhere you go, right? To the folks at Black Coffee And Waffle Bar, not all waffles are created equally and they have gone to painstaking efforts to perfect their batter. The end result (and what ends up on your plate) might be one the fluffiest, lightest and tastiest waffles you’ll ever eat. Add to that, a multitude of toppings and you have a waffle haven unlike any other.

npschmidt final 02587Their eclectic group of waffles ranges from sweet to savory. While they have the sweet treats like a Strawberry Cheesecake or S’Mores waffles, they really experiment with the traditional definition of a waffle. The Dakota Luau has pulled pork, pineapple salsa and a honey barbecue drizzle on it. Their “One Bad Pig” waffle simply has a quarter pound of ham and swiss cheese on it. Lastly, they have created an entire breakfast waffle with the Loaded Potato. It is a hashbrown waffle complete with onions, peppers, cheese, bacon bits and sour cream.

Now, those are some waffles you have never seen nor tasted in your life. If none of those unique waffles interest you (not sure how they wouldn’t), you can always build your own with all of their toppings to choose from. Regardless of your waffle prowess, this place has something for everyone from breakfast fiends to novices.

npschmidt final 02580Couple their delectable waffles with hand-crafted coffee and you have a complete indulgence of the senses. Their coffee menu has everything from cold brew to cappuccinos to chai tea lattes. If coffee isn’t your thing, Black Coffee And Waffle Bar also has hot chocolate, tea, milk and juice too.

With a modern design and open seating area, Black Coffee And Waffle Bar offers up an inviting atmosphere for all. They also have retractable garage doors, so when the weather is nice, they can turn their entire space into a patio.

Breakfast establishments are usually a dime a dozen in any city. However, Downtown Fargo has been able to cultivate several successful breakfast restaurants of all kinds. While Black Coffee And Waffle Bar is new to town, they do know how to thrive in a growing area. Their various locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul are only proof of that fact.

npschmidt final 02571Black Coffee And Waffle Bar’s food and coffee are as bold as their black logo plastered on the wall. Their waffles are unlike anything Fargo has seen before in the breakfast scene. That, mixed with a solidified business plan will propel this Minneapolis-based restaurant into one of Fargo’s hottest spots.


Monday-Saturday: 7 a.m.-11 p.m.
Sunday: 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

550 2nd Ave North

Written by Brady Drake

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