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New In Town

This summer has brought plenty of new business to town. From eateries to hangouts, to shopping and more, find out what new places there are to explore in town!

District 64

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Located on Broadway and NP Ave., this new bar opened in late May and features an open-air concept overlooking Fargo, VIP sections with bottle service ready to reserve and a first-floor nightclub. A live DJ plays every Friday and Saturday night, ready to get everyone on their feet and dancing with a crafted, award show-themed cocktail in hand. District 64 is Fargo’s latest bar and clubbing scene.
64 Broadway N, Fargo

Botanical Brothers

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Founded by the brother duo, Kale and Casey McCollum, Botanical Brothers started as a way for the Fargo community to come together around plants. The big and bright downtown location offers a large variety of houseplants and pottery for people to shop from. The brothers promise a plant paradise for all plant lovers, new and old.
64th 4th St N, Fargo

Kendall Barbie Beauty

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Founded by beauty enthusiast Kendall Barbie, this boutique in downtown Fargo is the newest place to shop and will soon offer men’s and women’s waxing services, brow tints, lash lifts plus more. Most notably known for the microblading service, Kendall has a unique style of microblading clients’ eyebrows and is now one of the top recommended artists in the FM area.
619 2nd Ave N, Fargo

Gatherings Collective

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Wanting to combine the love of affordable and sustainable options for thrift shopping, plus the convenience and fun of online shopping, Gatherings Collective offers a range of styles and aesthetics to shop from, both online and in their new downtown store. Offering sizes from XS to 3X, this new thrift boutique is dedicated to helping each customer find the perfect clothes best for their lifestyle.
12 Broadway N, Fargo

Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur

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Fresh Lebanese cuisine with freshmade ingredients such as sumac, zaatar, tahini, garlic, olive oil and more come together to create meals rich in flavor, while also having health benefits. Inspired by both Lebanese and French cuisine, the Mediterranean food scene is hitting the FM community with the co-owner, Tatiana Samaha Nammour, wanting to nourish and feed everyone.
3150 Sheyenne St Suite 170,
West Fargo

Casa Delicia

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Inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine as well as by the way food is prepared and served in Mexico City, Casa Delicia makes dishes using fresh ingredients imported from Mexico City. Not only are flavorful food items on the menu, main chef and owner Marcel Sanchez is hoping the food inspires people to learn more about Mexican culture while eating flavorful, handcrafted dishes
623 Northern Pacific Ave, Fargo

Replay Games

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While it’s not brand new to the FM community, this video game and board game arcade has reopened with a store on Broadway. The fun atmosphere allows gamers of all ages and skill levels to find a game they enjoy, sit back in a chair and play amongst one of the 24 TVs. Over 600 board games can be played on the various tables as well. You can book birthday parties, schedule Virtual Reality play times, buy various games and, starting in August, trade in your games for cash or store credit.
109 Broadway N, Fargo

Randy’s Diner Too

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The home-cooked and home-style meals offered from the original Randy’s Diner on University now has a second location in West Fargo. The comforting menu of knoephla soup, a Sloppy Joe with Tater-tots, Swedish meatballs remain the same at this new, second location

FB: RandysDinerToo
641 32nd Ave W West Fargo

Scooter’s Coffee

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Originally started in 1998, Scooter’s Coffee serves quality coffee drinks and big smiles through their drive-up cafe located on Veterans Blvd. With the motto of helping customers to “scoot in and scoot out” quickly, any of their coffee drinks can be made hot, iced or blended. All drinks are served with a smiley face sticker to brighten your day
3610 Veterans Blvd, Fargo

Slim Chickens

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To further satisfy any chicken cravings you might have, Slim Chickens on 45th St has southernstyle, buttermilk marinated chicken breaded by hand ready to order on a sandwich or in a five-piece chicken tender meal. Meant to embody the origins of the restaurant in Arkansas, the atmosphere of being guests, not just customers, to the restaurant has been brought to the FM community.
4477 30th Ave S, Fargo

Written by Makenzi Johnson

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