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New Eats in Fargo-Moorhead

Attention Fargo-Moorhead foodies! If you thought our local dining scene couldn’t get any tastier, buckle up your taste buds because 2023 has served up a delicious platter of brand-new eateries. From innovative eats to cozy coffee corners, our neighborhoods have been peppered with more flavors than ever. This year, we’ve seen doors opened to welcome us into new worlds of culinary delight, right in our backyard. So, grab your forks (and maybe a friend or two), because it’s time to embark on a mouthwatering adventure and support our local chefs and restaurateurs. Let’s dig into this year’s newest feast of flavors in the FM area!

New in Town

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Captain Hook's Crab - Shrimp, snow crab, red potatoes, sweet corn, spicy andouille sausage, sweet onions, plus, a lobster tail add-on!

Wicked Willies Seafood Steam Pots TO-GO

5675 26th Ave S, Ste 104
Fargo, ND

Wicked Willies, a brand-new culinary venture in Fargo, opened on November 9. This establishment presents a unique dining experience, even though you’ll never actually dine in. Merging an East Coast dish with an interactive experience, customers order and take home the kit to enjoy their seafood boil.

The restaurant’s standout feature is its uniqueness—one-time use, take-home steam pots. Each pot has all of the fixings for a proper seafood boil, and it’s as easy as adding your preferred liquid (water, lemonade, wine, beer, or anything else), adding the provided ingredients and seasonings, and steaming for 30 minutes. The concept allows diners to enjoy these high-quality, savory meals, anywhere. “It’s about flexibility and enjoying gourmet food in any setting,” Owner Dave Keller said.

With Willie as the captain of the establishment, the community can get their “willie” great to-go pots, along with a treat from their local partner, Breadsmith, and enjoy their meal, both in taste and in prep!

Did you know?
Wicked Willie’s partnered with locally-loved, Breadsmith, to provide a variety of breads and treats that customers can grab when they visit the store. They even created a brand new item to sell alongside the steam pot—a Rum Dessert Bread! Head in and grab some for yourself today! Only available at Wicked Willies!

Junkyard Brewing West Fargo

Second Location
409 Sheyenne St West
Fargo, ND

The much-awaited second location of Junkyard Brewing opened its doors on October 25 in West Fargo. Located in a transformed 1970s bank building, complete with the original vault door and plaque, this unique taproom offers an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Explore a rotating selection of craft beers from Junkyard Brewing and other local favorites like Icewind Brewing, Drastic Measures Brewing, and Portage Brewing. With two patios, three bars, and plenty of cozy seating, it’s the perfect spot to gather with friends, old and new, and be a part of the vibrant, growing West Fargo community.

Get a taste of France right in Fargo at Michele’s Table-the delightful French bistro that opened its doors on August 9 in the Bison Block by NDSU. From a catering business to a storefront, this locally owned spot is full of culinary artistry, offering a wide array of baked goods and pastries that will transport your taste buds straight to the streets of Paris. From buttery croissants to delicate macarons and savory scones, plus, a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, Michele’s Table is perfect for a leisurely brunch or a quick coffee break!

Michele's Table

1414 12th Ave N, Ste J
Fargo, ND

Blarney Stone Pub at the Hotel Donaldson

Second Location
101 Broadway N
Fargo, ND

On January 12, 2023 Blarney Stone Pub opened at Hotel Donaldson, adding Irish- American charm to the FM community. It offers 32 draft beers, whiskeys, wines, and Irish-American food in a historic setting with live music and a fireplace for a memorable experience in downtown Fargo. As the weather permits, visit Sky Prairie, Fargo’s new rooftop lounge, for great food and drinks in an amazing environment.

Find a unique twist in your mall adventures at Crafty Taps, a unique self-pour beer and wine garden, that opened on May 1 in West Acres Mall. It features local favorites like Drekker Brewing and Fargo Brewing, providing a one-of-a-kind experience in the FM community.

Crafty Taps

3902 13th Ave S, Ste 900
Fargo, ND
*Inside the West Acres Mall Food Court

El Taco Rojo

3902 13th Ave S, Ste 1828
Fargo, ND

El Taco Rojo, a new locally-owned Mexican restaurant, opened on November 9 in the West Acres food court. It offers authentic Mexican tacos and a blend of traditional and unique dishes, ensuring a delicious meal for any mall visit. Enjoy a taste of Mexico at El Taco Rojo, where every bite is a celebration!

Twisted Pasta

Twisted Pasta, a unique food service in Fargo, ND, has recently opened its doors—virtually, that is. This innovative venture is led by two local foodies, Brian Larry and Josiah Rusten. Larry created Twisted Pasta, a concept inspired by a combination of two beloved foods: pasta and artisan bread. The signature dish features stuffing custom-ordered loaves from Breadsmith, a local bakery, with homemade spaghetti or fettuccine.

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A ghost kitchen is a deliveryonly cooking space with no dine-in facilities, operating primarily through online orders. It offers lower overhead costs and focuses on efficient meal preparation. This model allows for culinary experimentation and operation in shared kitchen spaces, catering to the growing demand for food delivery services. Brian hopes the ghost kitchen idea will, over time, allow food truck operations to run year-round rather than seasonally.
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The two entrees offer at Twisted Pasta, Fettuccine stuffed bread (left), and Spaghetti and Meatballs stuffed bread (right)!

Operating as a “ghost kitchen,” Twisted Pasta rents kitchen space from Square One Kitchen Rentals in Fargo. They take orders online a day ahead and have customers pick up their creations at a specified time. On November 18, Twisted Pasta began taking pre-orders for their dishes, now, the business can be found online and on social media platforms, promising a twist on your favorite traditional pastas!

Pizza Done Right

2630 S University Dr
Fargo, ND
Facebook | /Pizza Done Right

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Canadian Bacon and Mushroom 'Za and the Smash Burger with fries!

Inside the Bowler, Pizza Done Right is one of Fargo’s newest pizza eateries, launched in early November. As the adventure of a seasoned local chef, this spot has quickly become appreciated for its high-quality, scratch-made pizza dough-as the name suggests. “We make our dough from scratch, we add fresh herbs and roasted garlic,” Owner Tim Olauson said.

Beyond exceptional pizzas, the restaurant also serves an array of bar food, complementing the vibrant atmosphere of the alley and upstairs bar. With what is a small team now, the large kitchen for Pizza Done Right has even bigger plans-including options for catering. Grab your bowling shoes and a slice, or order Pizza Done Right for pickup and delivery through Food Dudes!

Unicorn Park

1702 1st Ave N
Fargo, ND
Facebook | /unicornparkfargo

Unicorn Park Fine Foodery, a delightful addition to Fargo’s Brewhalla since March 18, offers a playful twist on brewery fare. Crafted by Chef Ryan Nitschke, this fast-casual spot serves up modern American dishes with fresh, local ingredients. Whether you’re seeking classic comfort food or more adventurous eats, Unicom Park has something for you to try.

Check out Fargo’s Vampire Penguin for a unique sweet treat! Open since May 6 in Fargo, it specializes in shaved snow, boba tea, coffee, and waffles. You can create your own snowball with flavors like bubblegum, horchata, or chocolate, with an array of toppings and syrups, or grab any of the addicting boba drinks! Extra unique to the area, try the Affogato from their menu, featuring an ice cream scoop, two espresso shots, whipped cream, and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle!

Vampire Penguin

600 17th Ave S
Fargo, ND

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Mango cake (left) Pistachio ice cream (below) Vegetable Biryani (right) Mango Lassi (far right); Mango ice cream (left) Butter Chicken (above) Chicken Karara (bottom left) Gulab Jamun (right) Garlic Naan (bottom right)

Taj India

2877 45th St S
Fargo, ND

Taj India, which opened on October 18 in Fargo, is the newest addition to the city’s diverse dining scene. Founded by married duo Malkit Singh and Balwinder Kaur, who have over a decade of experience in Fargo and a passion for cooking. This family-owned restaurant comes from a longtime dream of Malkit, finally taking form inside Taj India’s walls.

The standout feature of Taj India is its innovative lunch special. Customers can savor two different entrees, along with rice and their choice of bread, offering a diverse taste experience at an affordable price and a perfect lunch portion. “It’s like a little sampler,” Balwinder said, emphasizing both the variety and value of their lunch combo.

Taj India is quickly becoming a favorite in Fargo, known for its authentic spice without too much heat (unless you want it), extreme hospitality, and family-oriented approach, just as Balwinder explained—”Everything [is made] with love.”

Plaza Azteca

Second Location
5505 28th Ave S
Fargo, ND

Almost anyone who has visited the much-loved restaurant Plaza Azteca knows how busy the restaurant gets-so, why not open another? Prayers were answered as its second location in south Fargo opened on April 17, bringing even more of its award-winning Mexican cuisine to the community. Where authentic tastes meet an egaging atmosphere, whether you’re craving any of their famous entress, tableside-made guacamole, or a tasty margarita, this is the perfect spot for families or friends alike!

Recently, Pounds relocated to a larger, even more colorful space on July 20. Not just a restaurant with great food, Pounds dons quirky decor, and a funky design that’s as unique as Fargo itself. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time visitor, Pounds is your go-to spot for fun, flavor, and funk!


New Location
6 Broadway N
Fargo, ND

Puerto Vallarta

94323 45th St S, Ste 101
Fargo, ND

Offering a genuine taste of Mexico since its opening on May 23, Puerto Vallarta is a hub for those who appreciate authentic Mexican cuisine made with local ingredients, all at an affordable price. Located near SouthTown Pour House and Bulldog Tap in South Fargo, Puerto Vallarta merges atmosphere, flavors, and presentation, making it a perfect spot for families and friends to enjoy a meal that’s both delicious and memorable!

Since 1961, the Taco Shop has been a fixture in the Fargo-Moorhead area, and now a newly renovated second location continues to serve its iconic menu items. Whether it’s their tacos, burritos, nachos, or fried ice cream-there’s a treat for everyone. Conveniently located near I 94 and right off 45th Street, curb your cravings at Taco Shop!

Taco Shop

4474 23rd Ave S
Fargo, ND

Moonrise Cafe

111 Broadway N
Fargo, ND

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A breakfast burrito or berry homemade poptart and oatmilk latte for a quick breakfast, an apple cinnamon muffin pick-me-up, and of, course, a custommade Heart Cake!

Moonrise Cafe, opened on October 17 by friends and culinary enthusiasts Emily Driscoll and Alexa Eugenio, brings a new touch to Fargo’s downtown cafe scene. Emily, whose background in running the popular, Heart Cakes, melds perfectly with Alexa’s passion and experience in local foods to create Moonrise Cafe.

Specializing in grab-and-go items, coffee, and pastries, the cafe off Broadway offers an array of choices. The cafe is also where the custom vintage cakes are now created, continuing Emily’s celebrated baking legacy, and giving Alexa the opportunity to learn the cake craft. As far as the savory menu goes, both Alexa and Emily work to build out the menu (including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-friendly options). Alexa is also passionate about local ingredients, sourcing different seasonal foods to incorporate into daily dishes.

The inside, decorated with thrifted decor and paired with the smell of coffee and baked goods, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Moonrise Cafe offers a perfect blend of homey vibes and fresh local eats!

If you’re interested in getting a vintage Heart Cake from Moonrise Cafe, you can place an order for your very own custom vintage Heart Cake—but, make sure you place your order EARLY! Emily reminded us that you should order 10 days in advance, or, preferably, 2-3 weeks. But, you can always head into the cafe to see what Daily Cake is available in the pastry case!

Thai Orchid

110 Main Ave E West
Fargo, ND

 A cherished family-owned restaurant, Thai Orchid, is now in a new, refreshed location in West Fargo! Opened on October 2 after a successful run at Moorhead’s Center Mall, Thai Orchid continues to offer its classic Thai dishes in a spacious and inviting atmosphere. Known for delicious curries and noodle dishes, the restaurant remains a favorite in the community. Whether you’re a long-time lover of Thai cuisine or new to its tastes, Thai Orchid offers it all!

Moorhead’s newest establishment, The Hen House Bar and Restaurant opened its doors on October 14 and has quickly become a local favorite. Their Happy Hour on late afternoon weekdays is the perfect time to unwind or catch up with friends, their late-night weekend hours offer an exciting spot for late-night cravings, and even families find the restaurant the perfect place for eats. Check out their weekly specials!

The Hen House Bar and Restaurant

935 37th Ave S
Moorhead, MN

Top Shelf Tavern

2920 Sheyenne St, Ste 120
West Fargo, ND

If you haven’t yet visited Top Shelf Tavern, plan you’re next evening out for an incredibly unique experience! Open since April 14, this bar features 24 self-service taps with an array of beers, cocktails, and wines. Pour your own drink, from a single ounce to a full glass, or try top-shelf liquors and fine wines. Top Shelf Tavern offers an interactive experience for anything from a casual hangout to a place to watch the game!

Bites of 23 7
Tiramisù (left) Neopolitan Gnocchi (below) Beet Salad (right); Carrot Soup (of the day) (left) Cannoli (below) Lemon Ricotta (right)

Spaghetti Western

24 N Broadway Dr
Fargo, ND

Spaghetti Western, a new cherished restaurant in downtown Fargo since July 5, offers an authentic Italian experience. Born from the vision of Zio, who hails from Italy, and carried out by both him and his wife, Brighid, Spaghetti Western serves dishes steeped in family tradition both in execution and ingredient. “Everything comes in fresh. We challenge customers to find a freezer,” Zio said.

The restaurant’s uniqueness comes from its blend of Italian authenticity and Western-themed ambiance. They import all their dried pastas from Italy, or hand- make them, ensuring an unparalleled dining experience. The food is paired with an extensive, curated wine list, also all imported from Italy.

Spaghetti Western is an embodiment of Italian culture with a touch of Fargo charm, inviting the community to savor the genuine Italian taste in the heart of Fargo!

If you miss the vintage posters on the north wall, you may wonder where Spaghetti Western gets its name—Zio explained the concept was directly influenced by the subgenre of Western films, ‘spaghetti westerns.’ These were primarily Italian-produced, and known for their unique filming style, rough atmosphere, and complex main characters. Combining the feeling of these movies with the cherished Italian dishes, and based in Fargo—Spaghetti Western was born!

Chai Moto

3955 56th St S
Fargo, ND

Bites of 23 8
A cup of Malawi Oolong tea (left) and Chamomile tea (right).

A new cafe, Chai Moto, recently opened in early December, introducing a unique tea experience to the area. The cafe is the next development of Pasteur Mudende’s business, Chai Moto, which began with Pasteur’s interest in blending his own tea, inspired by East African flavors, and led to sharing those blends at the local farmer’s market. The new cafe now operates as a storefront for those products and offers the perfect spot for tea enthusiasts, remote workers, friends looking to catch up, those who want to tear through a book, and everything in between.

 At Chai Moto, the focus is on quality and simplicity. Pasteur’s passion for tea is evident in every cup, with blends crafted from fresh herbs and high-quality ingredients, which are carefully sourced in order to blend the best teas and spices.

From a market stall to cafe, Chai Moto’s new physical location merges the taste and feel of East Africa with a modern, warm, and welcoming space!

Himalayan Yak has relocated to a new spot (1109 38th St S) and opened its doors on March 18, inviting you to a world of flavors. Rated among the top restaurants in the city, this spot offers an array of Indian and Nepali dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a light bite, their menu caters to all tastes and budgets. Known for its outstanding vegetarian cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff, Himalayan Yak promises a dining experience that blends traditional recipes with modern touches, all made from high-quality ingredients!

Himalayan Yak

New Location
1109 38th St S
Fargo, ND

Savoy Pizza

3165 33rd St S
Fargo, ND
701-532-2528 dakota/fargo-nd

Fargo’s newest pizza hotspot, Savoy Pizza, brings Minnesota’s famed ‘Sota style’ pies to the FM. Open since October 28 just off I-29, this cozy spot is perfect for savoring tavern-style pizzas with unique thin crusts and rich flavors. Friends and family can visit daily, get thier favorite ‘za delivered, and even cater Savoy’s tasty pies, making it a go-to destination in Fargo!

If you haven’t been yet, visiting Soho 23 in Fargo will make you feel nothing short of comfort. A fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine masterfully prepared by chef Derek Kinoshita and run by beloved Jin Myung, who previously charmed the city with Yuki Hana Grill and Sushi a decade prior, in the exact same location. Opening mid-October, dishes include Beef Bulgogi, Loco Moco, Chicken Katsu, and much more, blending cultures and flavors in a familiar, cozy spot!


1450 25th St S
Fargo, ND

Bites of 23 9
Duchessa Gelato's Blueberry Ripple Cheesecake gelato (far left), pint-sized Gianduja gelato (middle), and a scoop of Pistachio gelato in a waffle cone, plus their Gouda and homemade stroopwafels!

Duchessa Gelato

1702 1st Ave N
Fargo, ND

Duchessa Gelato, inside the Brewhalla market, offers delicious European-inspired local treats. This shop, along with the parent company, Cows & Co. Creamery, brings Owner Maartje Murphy’s Dutch heritage to life with artisanal gelato, using farm-fresh milk from her family’s dairy farm in Carrington, ND.

The rural North Dakota dairy farmstead also has a café location for visitors to come and enjoy the treats and coffee and even take a tour and meet the cows who provide the dairy for these treats! A visit to the Carrington café is like taking a trip to the Netherlands, from treats to decor, and now, you can enjoy a sliver of that in Brewhalla!

Alongside a rotating selection of 12 gelato flavors and fresh stroopwafels, they also specialize in farmstead gouda cheese and cheese curds for customers to purchase and munch on in the market. This blend of traditional flavors and local artisanal craftsmanship makes Duchessa Gelato a must-visit, whether you’re exploring Brewhalla or not!


4 Center Ave W
Dilworth, MN

Dilworth’s newest eatery, Vittle’s, is where comfort food gets a fun twist. Opened on October 9 by Jessica and Noah Sperling, formerly of the Vittles food truck, this spot in the old Dee’s Drive-In in Dilworth brings their famous Philly cheesesteaks, fried chicken, and tater tots to a cozy brick-and-mortar setting. They focus on easy, grab-and-go dishes, as well as desserts, and feature a convenient walk-up window and drive-through!

Experience the sweet charm of Yeobo Sweet Shop in Brewhalla! The shop’s wall (inside Unglued), is filled top to bottom with candies and sweets, offering a selection of 60 gummy varieties, lollipops, and giant jawbreakers. Brought to life by Kristina Lau, Yeobo is a must-stop for those with a sweet tooth!

Yeobo Sweet Shop

1702 1st Ave N
Fargo, ND

Written by Geneva Nodland

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