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Nerd Out With Video Games In Fargo-Moorhead

Replay Games

May 1st, 2018 marked the day Fargo-Moorhead got even more exciting. Replay Games provide the opportunity for anybody to experience any game at any time… well as long as they’re open.

It sounds too good to be true, but Coowners Cassidy and Patricia Schnase made it possible. At Replay Games, anybody can buy one-hour, two-hour, full-day and even monthly passes to have access to over 6,000 games through decades of different consoles, some including the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Atari 2600, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

With this much variety, it would be easy to spend an entire day reliving your favorite childhood game or checking out a newer one you’ve heard so much about; and most who visit do! The owners say some come in to “try it before you buy” or some come to get some good friendly face-to-face competition. You can even rent the space for birthday parties or other events like bachelor or bachelorette celebrations, anniversaries and corporate celebrations. To add more to the fun, there have been tournaments and community challenges at Replay Games surrounding their different games. In addition, Replay Games buys, sells and trades used games and related hardware for cash and store credit.

What makes Replay Games so unique is their variety of games and gaming systems, you can race some buddies in Mario Kart, jam together on Rock Band and hop on the headset to try the newer games, all in one day.

Get ready to relive nostalgia, find a little competition and experience a whole lot of excitement. Follow along on social media for any big announcements or tournament and event information!

Replay Games

502 1st Ave N Ste E
Fargo, ND

(701) 478-4263
Facebook | Replay Games Downtown Fargo
Instagram | replaygamesfargo

Rock 30 Games

Knowing where to get your games and gaming necessities is important, and what’s better than finding places you can get everything in one go? Check out two local businesses that deal with selling, repairing and even trading games, electronics and more!

For over a decade, Rock 30 Games in Fargo has been a one-stop shop for all your needs, whether that be vintage Nintendo and Atari games, modern Xbox and PS5 games, Funko Pops, a wide range of movies and even a section for Disc Golf! There is so much more inside this shop, including memorabilia and hobby collector items.

The shop also offers repair, maintenance and selling or trading of these items. They offer repair services for consoles, games, and controllers as well as a cleaning and polishing service for movie and game discs. They take in items like games, movies, Funko Pops, disc golf items and much more for trade-in credit or cash.

What makes Rock 30 unique is their huge selection of Funko Pops and an equally impressive collection of vintage games like Gameboy or Nintendo. While some stop in looking for a nostalgic game they played when they were young. Others come looking for adapters to be able to connect their old systems to a newer TV. And for some, this is the start of their gaming journey and they can find entire gaming consoles for sale depending on what the store currently has available.

Stop in to see what you can find, or at least for a trip down memory lane!

Rock 30 Games
Next to Western State Bank and UPS Store,
4302 13th Ave S
Fargo, ND

Electric Underground

Another great place in town to find games, consoles and more is Electric Underground. What used to be known as Vidcycle, now Electric Underground brings the largest selection of movies all in one place. They take an extra step to guarantee the quality by ridding any scratches on discs, so you can watch your favorite shows with no interruptions!

They also offer to buy, sell or trade used games and game systems, as well as other hobby collectables. If you’re more of a music lover than a gamer, the store has a large collection of vinyl records too! You can find many Nintendo games, from vintage to DS to Switch games, as well as Nintendo gaming systems and accessories. They have other game system brands as well.

Inside Electric Underground you’ll even find a few miscellaneous items like a wall of board games, a section of CDs, and a rack with posters. Whatever you’re on the hunt for, check out Electric Underground!

Electric Underground
3109 13th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103
Facebook | electricundergroundfargo

Pixeled Brewing Co.

No matter your age, most people have at least one memory involving a classic arcade game. Be that Pac-Man, Galaga or Donkey Kong, the buttons, the joystick, the glowing light reflecting on your face, and of course, the sense of pride when you finally beat your high score. You can feel all of this again at the local arcade and brewery, Pixeled Brewing Co.

In November of 2018, Nick Hill opened Pixeled Brewing Co., but since its start, most can agree it’s so much more than just a local bar. Through the years, people of all ages and backgrounds have made their way through Pixeled’s doors to create a community with one commonality—a love for games.

Inside of course you’ll find rows and rows of all your favorite arcade games, some you may not have tried before, and even a few different gaming consoles like a vintage Nintendo 64, GameCube and Nintendo Switch. You might visit during one of their Super Smash Bros tournaments or maybe on a Monday evening for the Killer Queen League Night.

Using their tokens, you can get your fix on all these games, while trying out one of their brews on tap or maybe snacking on Heggies Pizzas or your own snack you brought. Bring the family on Sundays, where minors are welcome as long as they are accompanied by someone over 21-years-old. You might get the chance to make it on the wall of fame! No matter what you do, you’ll find the people inside Pixeled are a lot friendlier than the games, but it doesn’t mean they can’t beat you at them! You’ll leave with some new friends and a whole lot of nostalgia… just be careful, you’ll want to go back as soon as you walk out the doors!
100 Northern Pacific Ave #101
Fargo, ND 58102
Facebook | pixeledbrewing
Instagram | pixeledbrewing

Written by Geneva Nodland

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