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Meet The Maker: Three Bears Honey Co.

You’ve probably run into Three Bears Honey Company at the Red River Market this summer! If you haven’t tried their raw, unfiltered honey on some toast or in your evening tea, now is definitely the time to see what the buzz is about. Paul and his family have grown their business over the years here in the FM area and beyond and we’re excited for you to get to catch up with them!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I grew up on a farm in western Minnesota and love the country-life. Being outdoors and working with our bees are some of my favorite things. I’m also involved in our church’s music ministry and enjoy playing guitar and singing.

Describe what you create at Three Bears Honey Company?

From hive to bottle is our motto. Our honey is locally-harvested in the Red River Valley and is as pure as it gets. No questionable additives or added sugar, just 100% pure unfiltered honey. We are a family-owned business that enjoys what we do and takes pride in providing a high-quality product to our customers.

Tell us where your name came from?

Back when I first started Three Bears Honey Co., I wanted a way to differentiate our product from other honey jars on the shelf. I thought back to the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears and thought I could distinguish my product by having three bear sizes on the shelf. Little did I know we would only grow from there, now offering six standard sizes in both raw and liquid forms.

How did you get started with your business?

When I was in my early 20s, I was intrigued with the idea of getting a beehive, so I took the plunge. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and soon what started off as simply a hobby, turned into a side-business and eventually the full operation it is today, where I work alongside my son, Travis. Over the years, Three Bears Honey has transitioned from direct sales and farmer’s markets to grocery store partnerships in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
and Wisconsin.

What’s your most popular style of honey?

Our clover, wildflower honey is often our customers’ go-to item. Additionally, our customers enjoy our raw, unfiltered honey. Raw Honey is the natural state of honey. It has a thick, crystalized appearance and is full of enzymes and minerals that can aid in the digestion of complex sugars. Our customers love that raw honey goes straight from the hive to the jar on their counter.

What’s your personal favorite way to use honey?

Nothing beats honeycomb straight from the hive on a warm summer day.

How has the honey and bee business changed over the years?

It seems like the bees have a lot more challenges now than they did years ago with disease, chemicals and less flowers to forage. Especially in recent years, however, there is more awareness being drawn to this issue, so it has been great to see our community take steps to being more pollinator-friendly.

On the honey side of things, we see interest in honey grown year over year. I think people enjoy having access to pure local honey and like to support local beekeepers. Plus, studies continue to underscore the health benefits of honey, which I believe are encouraging people to look at ways to incorporate it more often into their diets, especially for purposes such as allergy relief.

What is your favorite thing about having your own business?

There are many things I enjoy, from having more freedom and working outside each day to getting to hear feedback from customers about how they enjoy and use our product.

I especially treasure the fact that we are a family-owned business. My son Travis has worked alongside me since he was 13. I appreciate having the opportunity to grow this business with him and look forward to seeing how it continues to flourish—even my grandchildren have been able to get involved! It’s really fun to see.

What is the most challenging thing?

The unknown. Will we have a good crop? Will our bees remain strong? Ultimately, you just have to have faith and believe that you’re going to get a crop and provide for your family.

What is a word that best describes you?

I’m not sure, but I do know I have a lot to be thankful for.

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t let fears and hesitation hold you back from promoting a product that you believe in.

Where can people find your work?

You can find our honey at specialty shops like Unglued or purchase it directly from us
at the Red River Market. Additionally, our honey is available for purchase through a variety of grocery partnerships in the Fargo-Moorhead area, including Natural Grocers, Hornbacher’s, Family Fare and Cash Wise. If you prefer to buy online, you can find it at

Where can we follow you?

Facebook: @threebearshoneyco
Instagram: @threebearshoneyco

Written by Ashley Morken

Ashley Morken is the owner of Unglued, a modern handmade gift shop featuring over 300 local and regional makers in downtown Fargo. She also a founding member of the Creative Mornings Fargo committee.

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