Meet the Maker: Raising Wolves Art
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Meet the Maker: Raising Wolves Art

“ You don't have to give up the things you love for someone else's idea of what you're supposed to be doing," are some crazy wise words from this month’s maker Losa Safriwe of Raising Wolves Art! We met Losa at the Annual Unglued Craft Fest this past year and were excited to learn more about her and the process behind her pop art style. Read on to meet the maker!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Losa and I’m a local artist based in Moorhead, MN, but I’m originally from Seattle, WA. I spend most of my free time drawing or watching cartoons/ anime, but I also love to travel, read, play video games, and head out to the movie theater on Tuesday nights to catch up on the latest releases. I’ve been selling my art at local markets and comic cons for the past two years now and it has been such an amazing experience. I’m constantly reminded of other like-minded individuals in town that refuse to stop being young at heart and their creativity flourishes because of it.

Describe what type of products you make under Raising Wolves Art.

My art style is heavily inspired by cartoons, anime, and pop culture. When I’m inspired after watching a good show, I sit down to draw with my iPad and then I can turn my illustrations into prints, stickers, enamel pins, keychains, and even apparel. Recently, I’ve even found a new passion for typography and have made a small collection of motivational prints.

Tell us how you got started with your business.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been drawing and trying to mimic the cartoons I watched growing up. As I got older, my love for art just kept growing, but I always thought it’d stay as a hobby of mine; it was only when I started attending local anime/comic conventions that my mentality changed. Something about seeing real people sell their art in person finally made me realize that I could do it, too. I used to be one of those people who believed that being an artist was unconventional before I realized there are so many of them thriving in the same city I live in; if they can do it, why can’t I? The Fargo art community and other artists I’ve met really pushed me to put my work out there and I’m so thankful for that. Sometimes you need a little nudge.

Where does your business name come from?

Raising Wolves has been my internet handle for sharing my art for over 10 years—I just didn’t want to come up with a new business name after being attached to this one for so long.

Where do you get your inspiration for what you create?

‘m constantly trying to keep up with new movies, cartoons, and anime and going back to watch vintage classics that I’ve missed. It’s actually really hard to stay up to date with the endless supply of media, but I genuinely enjoy it. If I’m having a bad day, putting on a movie will instantly lift my mood. Watching behind-the-scenes content helps me appreciate the hard work that the directors and actors pour into their craft; and if it’s an animated film, the process of stitching it all together fascinates me all the more.

What is your personal favorite item or piece you've created so far?

Probably my Princess Peach portrait because it was the first thing I drew to bring to the Fargo Makers Market—the first inperson event I’ve ever sold my art at. She’s kind of been the official start of this journey. Everything I make now I can compare to my Princess Peach drawing and see how far I’ve grown.

What is the most challenging thing?

Time management is the most challenging thing for me. It feels like there are not enough hours in a day to watch all the movies I want to, prepare for upcoming markets, and draw all the things that I want to draw. And on top of that, to be consistent on social media, creating and editing content can feel overwhelming at times.

You've been doing more events and markets—what do you enjoy most about those?

Definitely, the people I meet. When I see their faces light up because they spot a character I’ve drawn that they enjoy, we’ve already found common interests and can geek out together about the shows we’re into.

What is one craft you haven't really dabbled in yet that you want to try someday?

There are so many! Painting, punch needling, ceramics, and sewing have been on my list for a long time. Creating in general is therapeutic, it doesn’t matter what it is.

What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Just do it! I wish I hadn’t listened to what other people had to say about becoming an artist for as long as I did. There was even a point in time when I stopped drawing completely because I thought it was a childish hobby. I’d tell the younger me that there is bravery in growing up and being unapologetically yourself, you don’t have to give up the things you love for someone else’s idea of what you’re supposed to be doing.

Where can people find your work?

My Instagram and TikTok are @RaisingWolvesArt

Upcoming Shows
FM Pride in the Park: Aug 12
Grand Forks Library Con: Aug 26
Grand Forks Comic Con: Sept 9-10
Anime Fargo: Sept 15
Night Bazaar: Sept 21
ValleyCon: Oct 12-15

Written by Ashley Morken

Ashley Morken is the owner of Unglued, a modern handmade gift shop featuring over 300 local and regional makers in downtown Fargo. She also a founding member of the Creative Mornings Fargo committee.

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