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Lindsay Schneider, Lauryn Schneider and the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center in Giving Hearts Day 2023!

Hailing from the Twin Cities area, this sister duo both made their move to Fargo- Moorhead for their college careers. In 2016, Lindsay moved to the area to attend Concordia College to graduate in 2020, Lauryn followed in 2018 to attend NDSU and graduated in 2021. Since moving as both sisters and best friends,

“… We have become obsessed with the community and growth of the Downtown area and enjoy frequenting local businesses and events,” Lauryn said.

She enjoyed it so much, she opened a business right on Broadway downtown. Gatherings Collective is a curated thrift store, with the goal to bring more sustainability and unique fashion to the boutique scene downtown. After an internship in her final year of college, Lindsay started with the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center (RRCAC), and eventually accepted her current position to help give back to the kids of the community.

“1 in 10 children experience sexual abuse by age 18. The mission of the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center is to facilitate healing and justice for victims of sexual and physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation and to engage the community to protect and support children,” Lindsay said.

According to their website, “CAC stands for Children’s Advocacy Center. CACs are community-based, child-focused organizations that work alongside a multidisciplinary team to coordinate communities’ responses to incidents of child abuse with the goal of promoting healing and justice for victims and their families.” Their services include coordinating care, supporting investigations, facilitating forensic interviews and providing emotional support to both the child and the non-offending family.

Lindsay has continued to evolve and grow in her role with the RRCAC to take on new tasks and projects to ensure their clients receive the best care and help possible. She is a mental health advocate. She helps families in coordinating mental health services for both the child and the non-offending caregivers and provides skill-based intervention and education to caregivers. She also provides education on the system and professionals for emotional support, resources and referrals, and some case management for those nonoffending caregivers.

Since she is so close with her sister, Lauryn has been a volunteer in a variety of ways at the RRCAC throughout the years. Here are some examples of how she has given her time and talent.

  • Offered face paintings for children at the RRCAC’s Child Abuse Prevention Event at Broadway Square.
  • Aided in the design of new inclusivity posters and flyers for the RRCAC office, done to encourage all clients to feel welcome and accepted.
  • Whenever blankets and toys are donated to Gatherings Collective for its inventory, Lauryn donates them to the RRCAC, as each client receives one during their sessions.
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The new inclusivity posters for the RRCAC, designed by Lauryn!

While this work is Linsday’s career, the passion for community and giving back that is shared by these sisters is clearly evident. Lauryn is able to use her creative skills and position with her business (or, talent), to work with Lindsay to support the mission and work of the RRCAC.

Giving Hearts Day 2023

Why do you think this is important for everyone to consider the best route, and why is it important for your business?

As a recent college graduate and new business owner, funds are really tight. Having the ability to spread the word about the RRCAC and use my knack for creativity and design to do small things that support the work they do. There is no wrong way to support giving back to a community, or supporting an organization that gives back to the community. Every organization has ways you can help, and if you don’t know how you may be able to help outside of a monetary donation, all you have to do is reach out and they may be able to give you ideas.

– Lauryn Schneider

I decided to become a social worker to make a difference in my community. Families who come to RRCAC are going through a very difficult time that can be so overwhelming and confusing. My goal when I come to work is to be a supportive person who can possibly take some of the overwhelming and confusing feelings away and guide families through their situation.

– Lindsay Schneider

The RRCAC is solely funded through grants and donations. Families receive services at no cost to them. The RRCAC also meets a family’s needs through small items, snacks and drinks, or sometimes gas or meal gift cards for those traveling long distances and spending long hours at the center—and Giving Hearts Day is the biggest fundraising day of the year for the organization in being able to provide what they do.

There will be the second annual family affair at the square on April 22nd, 2023 for families to have a fun day together with games, craft booths and more, as well as face painting from Lauryn again!

The RRCAC is a small but mighty group. They change the lives of those who go through their programs and support individuals and families long-term. You can donate non-monetary items from their wish list on their website the link at rrcac.org/how-you-can-help/wish-list.

100 4th St S 302, Fargo, ND
(701) 234 4587
Facebook | @RedRiverCAC

Written by Geneva Nodland

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