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The Last Page: Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre

Photos Courtesy of Perry Rust

Since 1946, the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre has provided high-quality, entertaining productions for locals of the Red River Valley. While the viewers leave each show with visions of grandeur from the stage, FMCT’s productions rely on those in our community to put on each show.

“Our mission is to enrich the greater community through theatrical and educational opportunities of high artistic quality,” said executive director Eloise Breikjern.

FMCT’s mission is simple enough in principle and it is one they have succeeded in accomplishing over the last 73 years. Breikjern notes that over 1,000 Fargo-Moorhead residents volunteer their time to FMCT.

“FMCT’s theatrical season hosts up to 10 stage and musical productions, where volunteers from the community are the actors. Each year, productions offer up to 400 acting opportunities to area thespians. FMCT’s performing arts education programming annually provides over 470 children the opportunity to perform in art classes throughout the year,” she said.

While the organization is looking to enrich our community with high-quality artistic productions, it is not the only goal they have. In order to carry out their ultimate mission, FMCT needs the community to engage with their shows.

super“Strengthening our community engagement is very important to FMCT and to meet this goal we are producing shows that excite the community and are of excellent quality. This was shown with our recent production of MAMMA MIA! Over the course of eleven performances over 3,500 community members attended the production,” Breikjern. “Our 2019-2020 season line-up is a great season of shows to delight actors and patrons. Our commitment to educational programming for children and adults is also a part of our mission and creating a strong program is important to us.”

Thanks to their stellar productions and selective process in the shows they do produce, FMCT has seen their attendance increase. In part, this increased engagement helped FMCT lease out the Studio 6 space on Broadway. This space is mainly used for education classes and rehearsals.

“Over the past three seasons, FMCT has witnessed a 48% increase in the number of individuals who come through our doors. In the 2018-2019 season, over 35,000 came to the theatre for productions, education classes, and companies renting the facility,” Breikjern said.

Currently, FMCT is the longest-running theatre organization in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota. For that, FMCT is still a vital piece to the puzzle that is Fargo-Moorhead.

“FMCT is the only community theatre in the FM area. Without us, local actors, technicians, and community members would not have a gathering location where they can see live theatre created and acted by their friends and neighbors,” she said. “Our education program is active and growing and becoming a committed source of children’s theatre education.”

FMCT offers up a $35 per year membership to those interested in helping grow the organization further. However, Breikjern notes that simply enjoying an FMCT production is support enough. “Come to a performance at the theatre, become a member, and engage your children or grandchildren in theatre. FMCT is a fun place to be!” she said.

You can learn more information about membership, see upcoming shows and purchase tickets at fmct.org.

FMCT Summer Productions
July – Godspell
July – Jesus Christ Superstar
September – Noises Off!

Written by Brady Drake

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