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Jamie Bucholz & Giving Back!

Jamie is from a small town, Rock Lake, ND, She came to the FM area to attend college and stuck around afterward. After having kids, she and her husband were looking for a place to move their family, being intentional about where they wanted to raise their twin boys. In 2018, they made the move to Barnesville, MN. for the school and community, while still having easy access to the FM area.

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Jamie Bucholz, Advisory Board Member & Volunteer, Barnesville Area Community Fund. Photo by Geneva Nodland

“We stay because the community is amazing. There is so much pride and support, we couldn’t be happier. And, our boys absolutely love it here,” Jamie said.

The Barnesville Area Community Fund, formed in 1989 to “bring together people, ideas and resources to leverage these connections to transform lives in our community,” provides grants to local nonprofits, the school, scholarships, donations, low-interest business loans as well as a partner in fundraising initiatives. They have been able to give over $1.7 million, making a difference in the lives and projects in the community!

“Another Advisory Board member reached out shortly after our move to Barnesville. Knowing that we planned to make Barnesville home for the next 20 years, I wanted to be involved in any way I could to make a positive impact on the community our family lived in. I like the broad diversity of the impact the community fund makes— students, businesses and residents,” Jamie said.

In Jamie’s role as one of the 11 Advisory Board Members, she served as Treasurer and was also a member on the Executive Committee and Investment Committee, working closely with the funds and budgeting.

She, along with her team, makes sure that funds are allocated appropriately with direction from donors, and with the overhead goal of “preserving the value of the dollars held for future investment in the community.”

Upon her arrival in Barnesville, she found herself in a position to volunteer her time with the Giving Hearts Day Action Team. She used her skills (or, talent) in connecting with people to help create content for the projects.

“Without hesitation, [Jamie] was the first to raise her hand to be part of the Giving Hearts Day Action Team. Then, she was the first one to raise her hand when we said we needed someone to help with marketing and social media posts. She called five different families to capture stories and photos, then having never used Canva, figured out how to do Facebook posts every couple of days, write press releases for the newspaper and put up and take down 25+ snowbank signs. She is a rock star and we really, really couldn’t have done it without her!” -Karen Lauer, Barnesville Area Fund

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Jamie and her family. Photos courtesy of Barnesville Area Community Fund.

Why do you think this is important for everyone to consider the best route, and why is it important for your business?

Each and every one of us has a story and are at different points in our life. We may be an individual or family who needs the financial resources of the fund and can only give of our time or we may be in a financial position where giving donations is more impactful than your time. We never know when we may end up on the receiving end of a charitable organization so giving what you can, when you can, really does make a difference.

– Jamie Bucholz

This Giving Hearts Day proceeds donated will be invested in renovating and preserving the American Legion Post building, which was gifted to the City of Barnesville to be used as a community gathering space and to create memories for the community for many years to come.

If you’re looking to give back to the Barnesville Area Community Fund for Giving Hearts Day or any time in the future, they are always looking for volunteers.

“We have a team that does a great job in organizing the volunteer events, so you know exactly what you’ll be doing, when and for how long. And, there is always something in the works,” Jamie said.

If you are looking to give through a financial donation, know that all donations stay local to the Barnesville community, covering a variety of needs for students, residents, nonprofits and business owners. Learn more at barnesvilleareacommunityfund.com

(218) 354-2145
PO Box 461, Barnesville, MN
Facebook | @BarnesvilleAreaCommunityFund

Written by Geneva Nodland

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