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Downtown Fargo continues on a path of continuous improvement with a focus on stronger partnerships. A clean and safe Downtown is an inviting Downtown and plays a major role in revitalization. Whether it is new investments, increasing property values or expanding our tax base to usher in new services and amenities, all those who live, work and visit Downtown benefit.

The Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) is a conduit between property owners, brokers, developers, business owners and services that create viable business opportunities. A part of the DCP’s mission, we are here to understand trends and incidents impacting safety in Downtown Fargo and identify collaborative initiatives to improve safety Downtown overall.

The DCP partners with the Business Improvement District (BID), Fargo Police Department along with the Harm Reduction Program. We take that responsibility seriously, we are here to serve, enhance public safety services along with creating engaging events and activities to improve overall experiences in the Downtown area.

The BID is dedicated to doing their part in keeping Downtown Fargo a safe, fun, and family-friendly destination. They accomplish this by way of a number of methods:

1. BID staff maintains a highly visible presence in strategic areas around the

Downtown district. They engage with the public with friendly greetings and respond to opportunities to provide directions, recommendations or assistance. “Whatever we can do to help, your BID staff welcomes the challenge to make your Downtown experience that much more enjoyable,” says Chris Schlepp, BID Operations Manager.

npschmidt final 3 12. Safety programs serve as a valuable resource to local law enforcement. By directing police officers to specific situations, alerting them to trends and communicating details, our partnership can better leverage the Police Department’s time within the Downtown District to maximize their effectiveness.

3. Your BID Ambassadors are also trained in social service issues and connecting individuals with the help and services they might need. It is not uncommon to find us working with the Mobile Outreach or Homeless Coalition staff to assist those individuals who might require those specific services.

4. Safety escort service. In a nutshell, your Ambassadors can meet Downtown workers, residents or visitors at their location and escort them to their destination. “Think of us as your personal concierge; here for you and here to help,” said Schlepp

The DCP seeks to further these efforts and partnerships with the creation of the Safety Committee. With representation from every block on Broadway from Main to 6th Avenue North, and at least one representative from each of the outlying zones (2,3,4), along with Fargo Police, the FM Homeless Coalition, NDSU Student body and Downtown residents, this committee actively works to keep Downtown Fargo on track with safety top of mind. Interested in learning more about this Committee? Contact the DCP.

These are only a few of the partnerships that the DCP works with on a daily basis.

Through the power of working together, we continue to strive to keep Downtown Fargo a safe, maintained and vibrant city for all ages to enjoy and feel welcome in. Downtown Fargo, the Heart of the City!

“The mission of the Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) is to bring together and support the businesses, promoters, advocates, and visionaries of historic Downtown Fargo and its future by connecting and partnering within our community and beyond.”

The Business Improvement District (BID) is the first of its kind in North Dakota. Established in its current form in 2016, the mission of the BID is to work to improve and enhance the overall attractiveness and appeal of Downtown Fargo. This is done by making sure our Downtown is clean, safe, maintained and properly promoted.

Written by Melissa Rademacher

President of Downtown Community Partnership, Melissa Rademacher is a Fargo native and graduate of North Dakota State University and Fargo South. She has a passion and history of success in Downtown Fargo and the metro area. She has more than 18 years of people management, budget management as well as event and market planning. Rademacher enjoys working with the businesses, residents and guests who love the Downtown. She believes Fargo has been a case study in how people, when working together in a focused approach can have a transformational and lasting impact on a city.


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