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Health & Wellness: The Mind & Body Relationship

Where do you begin in reducing that stress that seems so prevalent with the chaotic and busy lives we all find ourselves in nowadays? Some people look to an online dispensary in Canada, for example, to buy medical marijuana, others will seek out yoga to calm their minds, there are so many different ways that people can support themselves through stressful times. With your physical state directly affecting your mental state and vice versa, it takes a dual approach to find that better mental clarity and energy are needed to make the most of each day. Recently, I decided to take in for the first time a few of the more unknown gems in the FM area that are great for alleviating stress.

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy
3139 Bluestem Dr. #116, West Fargo

My overall experience at Glacial Peak Cryotherapy and talking with owner Pam Bradow was uniquely awesome. I started the adventure by hopping into the full body cryotherapy tank, which, believe it or not, I was pretty excited to try. The full three minutes allowed in the tank took the surroundings down to -240 F degrees, and as crazy as it sounds, wasn’t nearly as cold as spending an hour blowing snow in January. In fact, it was quite invigorating, and I can very easily see why this is considered such a great practice for reducing inflammation and rebooting your metabolic system.

After warming up, which only took a couple minutes, I hopped onto the table for a cryofacial and Normatec session while Pam informed me of the history and science behind the treatments and how she started her business after going through treatments herself following a bad car accident.

After getting borderline frozen and pleasantly squeezed harder than I ever have by the Normatec sleeves, there was definitely an overall feeling of relaxation, similar to when you’re about two cocktails deep. I know this; it didn’t take me long when I got home to be out cold.


Inspire Health & Wellness Spa
314 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo

I took in the salt cave and float tank experience while at Inspire Health & Wellness Spa, owned by Amanda Brunelle. As it provided a very relaxing and calming atmosphere, the salt cave is designed to also be an immune system booster and help those with respiratory or skin conditions.

The 12-inch deep and 98 degree Fahrenheit float tank provided an experience like no other that everybody needs to at least try and one that I will definitely be doing again. While mindlessly floating and drifting in and out of sleep and consciousness as to what was going on around me, it really made me come to two realizations. The first being where I carry stress in my body. I could immediately identify tense areas and mentally walk myself through relaxing them. The second being how many external stimuli we’re constantly bombarded with on a daily basis and how hard it is to completely calm your body, even in the absence of it.

After getting out of the tank, it felt as if I was having an out of body experience. As I sat in the lobby afterward for a few minutes, I honestly felt like I physically wasn’t really there as my body and senses began to slowly take in everything around me once again.

In looking to reduce stress, keep in mind that it requires work in both the physical and mental arenas. As you devote time to both rest and relaxation, your body will better respond. As you get more active and push yourself physically, it will bring about a more ideal mental state and elevated self-confidence.


Written by Patrick Metzger

Patrick Metzger is the founder of Synergy Strength and Nutrition. As a health and mindset coach, he works with busy professionals and parents in helping them discover and ignite their ultimate potential. For more from Patrick, visit him at: synergystrengthnutrition.com

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