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Getting Fitted for Your Golf Clubs with SCHEELS Experts in Fargo-Moorhead

For many, golf is the most beautiful sport in existence—the serenity of a day on the links can feel like a waking dream. Those same people are hardly immune to the nightmare that the game can become when things aren’t going well.

There is nothing worse than slicing your way through the round—putting it in the woods, putting it in the drink, and spending the majority of your time looking for your last bad shot is not most people’s idea of a relaxing 18. Of course, we do have to accept some level of this if we are going to partake in one of the world’s most precise sports—weather, club selection, and any number of factors can turn a shot disastrous. Even the legends of the game know these facts all too well.

Given how challenging golf is, why not take advantage and choose clubs that are well-suited for your swing?

The Experts at SCHEELS certainly think you should.

The golf simulator at SCHEELS is a key component of the fitting experience.

Golf Fitting FAQs With SCHEELS

“What kind of golf clubs do I need for my level of play?”

The answer is to ALWAYS come get a fitting done by a SCHEELS Expert. Spending time in the simulator, no matter the experience level, can always improve the customers’ experience and gives us the ability to recommend what is best for the customer.

“Will I even see a difference in fitting vs. just buying club stock off the shelf?”

The answer is, let’s book a fitting and find out. You will see a big difference. Even if the clubs that we recommend are clubs stock off the floor and we don’t have to necessarily custom order anything, a fitting will teach someone all the ins and outs of their golf swing and why a certain shaft or head combo is better for them than another. Get with a SCHEELS Expert club fitter and take your game to the next level.

According to the Golf Experts at SCHEELS, having golf clubs fitted for your swing, spin rates, and launch angle will help golfers of any level perform better and have more fun with the sport they love.

Most clubs purchased straight off the rack don’t offer customization features. They do not allow you to adjust the golf clubs’ length, lie, loft, or shaft material. This will limit your clubs’ potential.

4 Reasons to Get Your Clubs Fitted

  1. Distance – reaching the club’s full potential means more distance on your shots.
  2. Accuracy – during a fitting, SCHEELS Experts get a complete picture of your swing and utilize every metric available to them. From that information, their team recommends the best club to make sure you are hitting your shots where you want them.
  3. Confidence – having a properly fitted set of golf clubs will boost your confidence—no more guessing!
  4. Knowledge – walking through a golf fitting with the SCHEELS Expert will help you learn more about your swing, ultimately, improving your game in the process.
During the fitting experience, the experts at SCHEELS will take the customer through an array of options.

What A Fitting at Scheels Looks Like

#1 The Questions At SCHEELS, the Experts start off by asking the customer:

  • What are they using right now?
  • How often are they playing or practicing?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of their game?
  • Have they been previously fitted?
  • What are their goals with a brand new set of clubs?

This, along with additional questioning, will help the SCHEELS Expert determine where the customer is currently at and what brand(s) they have experience with.

#2 Product Viewing

After the SCHEELS Expert has gathered some information, it’s time to pass along some information to the customer.

The SCHEELS Expert will walk the customer through the different types of clubs including drivers, irons, wedges, and putters from all the major brands, while passing along their own experience with the products, as well as information they have received from past customers about them. This will allow the customer to have a better idea of what they are working with once they begin testing in the simulator.

#3 Analyzing the Swing

Next, the SCHEELS Expert will take the customer into the golf simulator and ask them to begin warming up using either a club that they are currently using, or a club provided by the expert that is similar to what they are currently using. During the warmup, the Expert will start to get a sense of the customer’s swing pattern and a better idea of what their game looks like—beyond the answers to the questions they answered during step #1.

#4 Measuring

The SCHEELS Expert will start by collecting the customer’s height and then will measure the distance between the customer’s wrist and the floor. This helps to give the SCHEELS Expert a baseline idea of how long the club should potentially be and how that club should potentially lie on the ground.

From there, the Expert will take the customer through a few different head options to figure out which club they would like to get dialed in.

Once the selections are made and tested through the simulator, the Expert can look at the data side-by-side in order to get the customer the best club option. When diving into the analytics, the Expert will be looking at how the club is bottoming out on the ground as well as launch, spin, and descent angle.

#5 Building the Combination

Once the SCHEELS Expert understands what the customer needs, they work to start building different combinations and setups to see what feels the best and produces the best numbers.

#6 Revisiting the Goal

Once the SCHEELS Expert has narrowed down the selection, they go back to step #2 to revisit the customer’s goal of the fitting and make sure the set is geared towards that.

#7 The Unveiling

Finally, it’s time to show the customer and recommend the setup that fits their goal the best.

No matter which of these Experts you are working with, you will be taken care of!


Address: 1551 45th St S Fargo, ND 58103
Facebook: /scheels
Instagram: @fargoscheels
Twitter: @scheels
TikTok: @scheels

Written by Brady Drake

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