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Fargo-Moorhead Spine & Back Health with Dr. Chris Dockter of Venture Chiropractic

Dr. Chris Dockter, DC. CCEP – Dr./Chiropractor/Owner at Venture Chiropractic

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Dr. Chris Dockter is a Doctor of Chiropractic & Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner, he has been practicing chiropractic care for 14 years, graduating from Northwestern Health Sciences University with honors in 2009. In addition to his doctorate work, he has additional certifications to give him a variety of education and experience.

Why is it important?
“Much of the research coming out over the last few decades has indicated that regular exercise is one of the best things each of us can do for our own health. It helps maintain our heart, lungs and muscles and also reduces the risk of everything from cancer to osteoporosis to depression and reduces the effects of arthritis…”

“Unfortunately, so many people struggle with joint pain in their back, hips and knees and feel that they can’t walk or run like they used to. Shoulder and wrist pain keep them from lifting weights to keep themselves strong or participate in the hobbies they enjoy. Neck pain and weakness contribute to headaches that make performing regular daily tasks nearly impossible for some and just less fun for the rest. I enjoy helping people find ways to get back to the movement and activities they have been missing out on.”

Things You Might Not Know

1. Pain is not your enemy!

“Pain is your body telling you something needs to change. Masking pain is no different than putting tape over the check engine light on your dashboard. That is why we use the “Pain Stop Light” in our clinic. There is a time and place for medications, but currently, as a country, we overuse them too early when small changes to how we move and eat could make a massive difference. We all too commonly wait until there is actually joint damage. Healthcare workers from various fields that I work with seem to all agree that you should try movement, exercise and diet changes first, medications second and surgery as a last resort. Often that isn’t what happens. Too many of us don’t get to try lifestyle changes until after a catastrophic injury or organ failure and I’d like that to change.”

2. Back and neck pain from bulging discs and arthritis can improve and resolve in most cases.

“Many people think they will have pain forever when they are told they have wear and tear changes in their spine. The truth of the matter is that if you have been doing something in your lifestyle that caused these changes like lifting with poor form, sitting for excessive periods of time or exercising in ways that hurt and cause you pain, then you can change your behavior and your pain. You can learn to take care of these issues with a little bit of exercise and lifestyle changes similar to how you can learn to take care of a car. In most cases, you can do it on your own, but just like a car, there are people like me that can help you take care of your spine if you’re not sure what to do yet or are not able to do this comfortably yet.”

Things You Should Know

• Use it or lose it!

“If you don’t move a joint through a full and pain-free joint range of motion daily, your body may not maintain the ability to do so. If you don’t exercise, your muscles get smaller. If you don’t move your joints, they get stiffer.”

• Ideally, practice body movements 3-5 days per week to get better at them, i.e. to build strength or flexibility. “Practicing

“Practicing daily sometimes gets you even better results, but some people need more recovery time. 1-2 times per week will probably maintain a movement, but you might not get any better at it. Less than weekly and you might start getting rusty. The same rule applies to exercise, playing a musical instrument or performing any other skill-based activity.”

• Perfect is the enemy of better.

“No matter where you are right now, you can still get better! It’s like bowling. You don’t have to get a strike every time to play the game. You can put a few points on the board and still have fun. Currently, I train to be a good dad. I want to be able to play with my kids on the playground, get down on the floor or in the dirt with them and carry them if they’re hurt. Figure out what you want to do and then match your exercise to those goals.”

Who to Follow:

  • The Blog on Venturechiro.com
  • “The Gift of Injury” by Stu McGill and Brian Carroll
  • “Rebuilding Milo” by Aaron Horschig and Kevin Sonthana

Try Local!

“In addition to the multiple qualified chiropractors we have at Venture Chiropractic, I have many skilled colleagues in the area that can help with your musculoskeletal health. Be sure they address your concerns and help teach you how to improve with them and on your own. Avoid anything that sounds like a gimmick or a sales pitch because that’s usually what those are. Personal trainers are also a great investment!”

Dr. Dockter recommends:

  • Sara, from Nine Four Coaching – A mindful and physical personal training service.
  • Jason, from Natal Training Systems – A personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, MMA fighter and boot camp/group fitness instructor.
  • MPX Training – A fitness center that offers personal training, corporate and women’s self-defense training, nutritional consultations and more; founded by Mariah Prussia.

“There are too many good ones in our area to name them all here!”

Venture Chiropractic

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Written by Geneva Nodland

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