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Fargo-Moorhead Ear, Nose & Throat Health with Dr. Susan Mathison of Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa

Susan M Mathison, MD and Founder/CEO of Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa

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Photo courtesy of Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa

Dr. Susan Mathison Medical Doctor (MD) is triple board certified and specializes in otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (ENT) which includes Facial Plastic Surgery, Sinus Surgery, Ear Surgery, Allergy Diagnosis and Relief, and Sleep Medicine and Surgery. She is highly decorated with accomplishments from her years studying and very active in the community of health as well as the local FM community; receiving awards like Fargo Moorhead Top Doctor, the Dakota Medical Foundation Star Award and more, and serving on a variety of boards like Dakota Medical Foundation (current), Choice Bank (current), Plains Art Museum (former), Ronald McDonald House (former) and much more.

Why is it important?
“A healthy head, face and neck are so important! It is what defines us as a person—the command center of our senses—hearing, balance, smell, taste and vision, and our communication.”

“Our facial muscles and our vocal muscles are the only muscles that convey emotions. There are so many interrelated components in ENT, [such] as shelter to the brain, eyes and cervical spine; a gateway to eating, breathing and sleeping; and as our frame for beauty and expression. The majority of visits to the doctor involve a process that is within my complicated specialty. I love helping people connect the dots to feel happier, healthier and more beautiful.”

Things You Should Know

1. Save your senses!

“Wear ear protection when hunting, mowing the lawn or rocking out at a concert. Be careful of your fancy earbuds and headphones at home, the digital sound is high quality and you may not realize that you are getting into the hearing-damage zone. Wear sunglasses daily to protect your vision long-term, you will look so much cooler, too! Minimize exposure to fumes, pollution, dust and molds—your airway and your sense of smell will thank you. If you’ve suffered a loss of smell from a viral infection, you should try olfactory retraining with essential oils to stimulate improvement. Preserve your balance by staying active.”

2. A little ear wax is a good thing!

“Ear wax only needs to be removed if it is causing discomfort or blocking the view of the eardrum and we really need to see it. Q-tips can push the wax down deeper in the ear canal so they should be avoided. White vinegar or rubbing alcohol can be used as ear drops to soften and emulsify the ear wax and they will self-clean. These two liquids can also take care of itchy ears. And if you have the misfortune of having a bug crawl into your ear canal, drown it with one of these drops. Then come over so we can get the wet bug out of your ear canal, under the microscope.”

Did You Know?
“It takes about 7-10 days for nasal congestion and drainage to become a sinus infection, which might need an antibiotic.”

“During the first week to 10 days, it is usually a viral infection and antibiotics won’t help. Try saline rinses, mucous thinners like guaifenesin and, if your nose is really plugged, try Afrin nose spray (use for 3 days only or your nose gets addicted), also get lots of rest and chicken noodle soup.”

Keep It Local!

“Our community is a veritable treasure chest of opportunities for healthy living and connection.”

  • Check out the local business, Heartland Hearing Professionals. They offer a variety of hearing services, including custom earmolds/earplugs for protection. Dr. Mathison recommends the hunting hearing protection earplugs, they also offer music, swimming, sleep, motorsport, surf, occupational and more types of ear protection!
  • “I love Power Plate Meals for lunch at the office and always have a stash of nuts and my new favorite Humm Probiotic Sparkling Soda. And… maybe a little chocolate.”

Who to Follow

emedicine.medscape.com is a safe place to search for more in-depth medical information.”

“I also love the apps Calm and Headspace.”

These apps offer guided meditation sessions and more, download them onto your phone from the app store!

SNORELAB is a great app to check how much you snore and how LOUD!”

A Tip to Go in One Ear (and Stay!)

Food allergies and food sensitivities are different.

“Allergies are antibody-mediated, think throat swelling or hives related to foods like peanuts, oranges, tree nuts, milk or egg. Some foods might be triggers for conditions like migraine. Food sensitivities mean that your body doesn’t digest certain foods well. An example might be dairy sensitivity which might send you to the bathroom if you dare enjoy an ice cream cone. An elimination-challenge diet, like Whole 30, can help you discover which foods work best for your body.”

Written by Geneva Nodland

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