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An Esthetician’s Guide For Transitioning Into Fall Skincare

As summer gives way to winter, the change in weather calls for a change in daily routines. Jackets begin to make an appearance, pumpkin spice becomes a staple in households, and preparations to brace for the colder weather begin. With all of these daily adjustments, modifications in skincare routines are mandatory to keep up with the changing weather. While the temperatures drop, you most likely notice that your skin becomes increasingly dry, flakey, and unbalanced. Some might choose to undergo cheek filler treatments to help replace lost volume in their face and to make their face look more balanced. However, not everyone can afford such a procedure. Luckily, there are simple changes that can be implemented into your skincare routine that will keep your skin radiant all year round. Local esthetician and spa Owner of Belle Amé Luxury Skin Studio in West Fargo, Maggie Homstad, discusses the necessary changes that can be made in your skincare routine to help maintain a glowing complexion.

Fall Skincare Tip #1 – Hydrate your skin from within.

Skincare is not something that should only be addressed as a superficial concern. Nourishing your body with supplements and H20 is crucial for reaping the benefits of a healthy glow this fall (try an advanced aesthetics course if you want to learn and understand more). Licensed esthetician Maggie Homstad suggests supplementing your diet with fish oil. “The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil will really help to hydrate your skin from the inside out.” The easiest way to incorporate fish oil into your diet is by taking a daily fish oil tablet. These tablets can be purchased at grocery stores, superstores and local pharmacies, as well as online alongside other popular softgel supplements on the market. Furthermore, it would be better if you could get your skincare supplements from a reliable skincare company. If you’re particular about this, you may want to consider shopping with establishments like JoyViva that specialize in skincare products. Coming back to Maggie, she also encourages upping your water intake to combat the dryer, cooler climate. Increasing your water consumption by even 16 ounces a day can make a noticeable difference in your skin health.

Fall Skincare Tip #2 – Moisturize your skin correctly with hyaluronic acid.

The moisturizers that were used in the summertime during hot and humid months won’t be enough for the fall climate. “A good choice for a topical product that you can use at home would be Hyaluronic acid.” For this, Maggie suggests using the iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum, which is the go-to in her own skincare routine. “Hyaluronic acid works to attract water molecules inside of your skin so that they come to the surface.” You can purchase this serum, as well as other hyaluronic acid containing products at her studio, Belle Amé.

Fall Skincare Tip #3 – Keep your skin barrier healthy with regular esthetic treatments.

Her last suggestion for getting the most out of your routine is to incorporate monthly skin care treatments. These services will not only leave you with an immediate glow, but routine trips to the esthetician will greatly improve your skin’s health. Maggie’s recommendation for a treatment that’s suitable for all skin types this fall is a microdermabrasion with facial. “What a microdermabrasion does is it exfoliates your skin and infuses hydrating ingredients into the skin.” During a microdermabrasion, the esthetician gently removes the dead layer of skin that is sitting on the surface of your face. This allows the nutrient-rich products to penetrate into the skin most efficiently. “Also, the Snow Day Hydrating facial, Honey Enzyme facial and HydroFacial are all great choices that will leave your skin very hydrated and glowy.”

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Maggie Homstad, Owner of Belle Amé Luxury Skin Studio in West Fargo

Written by Audra Hanson


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