Revolver has a limited selection of menswear, mostly vintage shirts, jackets, and an impressive selection of ties.
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Did you know about Downtown Fargo’s Vintage Clothing Store?

We understand that finding cute and fashionable clothing while on a budget is often quite a challenge. The good news is that we found you a vintage clothing outlet that has some great styles and selections—for both men and women—while sticking to a budget.

Nestled in Downtown Fargo is a vintage clothing store you won’t want to miss. Revolver has a fun selection of recycled vintage men and women clothing, accesories and more. If you’re looking for some throwback fits on a budget, Revolver is a great stop. Our team swung by the vintage outlet and tried on a few outfits, capturing some of our favorite looks!

Not only does revolver have a classy selection of womenswear, but many of the outfits and pieces we found were also well under $20. We also found a cute selection of handbags and heels!


Revolver is also on Etsy. Search for Revolver627 and check out their online selection!

Revolver is COVID-friendly, meaning they have a dressing room available for trying on clothing!

Stop in and See For Yourself

Revolver is open Thus-Sat 11am-6pm

In addition to clothing, Revolver has a fascinating selection of rare-find home goods, ranging from wall decor, personal accessories, VHS, vintage hats and more.

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Written by Josiah Kopp


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