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DesigningWomen2 Welcomes New Studio in Detroit Lakes

Check out the design duo’s brand new beautifully-furnished Design Studio

Linda Birmingham and Kris Carlson, the duo that makeup Designingwomen2, have been designing beautiful interiors in the Red River Valley and blessing lives with their contagious personalities for many years—and that isn’t about to stop anytime soon. In fact, they just opened their brand new studio in Detroit Lakes, providing a space for clients to experience even more of what dw2 has to offer. We sat down with Co-Owner Kris Carlson to tell us a little more about the new studio.

Congrats on the new studio! Is the new studio a brand new building/location or is it remodeled?

Our location used to be the fire station in Detroit Lakes. The building has been remodeled to accommodate several businesses. The structure is awesome, having good bones as well as a great aura! We are thrilled to be in a building that carries such an important piece of history within the community.

What can customers expect when first walking in? What did you want the experience to be like?

We want people to feel like they are walking into a welcoming home when they enter our work home. Our goal was to create a space that feels so comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing that people would not want to leave. We are told that seems to be the case!

What was the main goal for the new studio? Simply to have a new retail space, or were there other factors?

Our reason for opening the new studio is to better serve our clients in the Minnesota lakes area. We are fortunate and feel sincerely blessed to have such great people to work with in the Minnesota lakes area. The addition of our Detroit Lakes location makes the convenience such a bonus!

What logistical stats can you provide about the new space? How long it took to complete? Open hours, apt only?

We have been working in the design studio for well over a year. We took our time (and COVID took its toll on the supply chain of goods) but we wanted our space to showcase the latest design trend options as well as timeless design components. Our goal is to display as many possibilities in order to touch the individual tastes of each client. We are open Tuesdays and Thursdays without appointment from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The other days are exclusive scheduled appointments. However, when our “Come on in” sign is displayed, come on in no matter the day!

What are some of the showcase materials, brands, and specialty items customers can expect at the new studio?

Custom. Custom. Custom. We want your home to be a reflection of you. Therefore, we carry mostly exclusive brands. For example, with our exclusive lines, we are able to make a best-selling chair or sofa (best-sellers are extremely well made and a haven of comfort!) have an infinite array of looks. We don’t want anyone to walk into a different home and see an identical look to theirs. We work to bring each unique personality the forefront of design in a home or business.

What people and firms were involved in the whole process, from blueprints to building to interiors and finishes?

We share the space with Showcase Floors. Showcase installed all the flooring, backsplash and our fabulous wood fireplace wall!

In what other ways are you making this a great customer experience? Catalog browsing, ordering, etc.

We are very hands-on with our products. We have hundreds of fabrics, leathers, rugs, metals, woods, countertops, tiles, wallpapers etc. Many samples to see and touch!

“We are here for you!”
Designingwomen2’s new location is located at 714 Lake Ave. Detroit Lakes, MN

Written by Josiah Kopp

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