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Date Night: The First Date

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

Breaking the ice is the hardest thing to do on a date, regardless of how long you and your partner have been together. This is most challenging when couples are going on their first date. In most cases, the first date is the first actual meeting between two people and that can be intimidating for, well, everyone. The nerves that people often feel before a date can be crippling, which can make thinking of a conversation starter almost impossible. The biggest worry for daters, especially on a first date, is whether the other person will find them attractive or not. There are many things that a person can do to increase the chances of their date finding them attractive, including using pheromones perfume that can heighten the sexual responsiveness in the opposite sex, but ultimately they won’t know until after the date. Nowadays, the dating world revolves around social media and online dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and everything in between. This forces people to converse with one another on an intimate level before they even meet. However, what happens when that elusive date happens? Where do you go? And what do you talk about? In Fargo-Moorhead, the possibilities are endless, but there are a few options to consider if you take your first dates seriously.

Grab A Beer

npschmidt final 06616Beer is a great equalizer in the dating world. Good brews (and alcohol in general) usually loosen any tension or jitters that can come with a first date. The conversations flow easier and potential couples are able to settle in more when a beer is involved. Atmosphere also plays into this too as bars are usually bustling with activity and people enjoying themselves. While the traditional bar atmosphere may be a little “harsh” or “in your face” for a first date, any of the local breweries in town are perfect places to meet for the first time. Each offers forth enough personal space to carry on a conversation easily while still hosting an atmosphere of fun. Not to mention, you get a pretty good beer out of it too, as compared to sipping on a more traditional beer (no offense to domestic tappers out there). If you’re looking to stay loose and have a good time on your first date, these might be some places to explore:

Front Street Taproom: 614 Main Ave, Fargo
Drekker Brewing Company: 1666 1st Ave N, Fargo
Junkyard Brewing Company: 1416 1st Ave N, Moorhead
Fargo Brewing Company: 610 N University Dr, Fargo

Find A Local Coffee Shop

npschmidt final 02555Two things are almost guaranteed to get a conversation on a first date: alcohol and caffeine. If alcohol is not really your style or if you’re looking to go on a first date during the day, local coffee shops are a perfect place to meet up. There is no shortage of fantastic artisan coffee shops in Fargo-Moorhead. As compared to your typical coffee shops like Starbucks, the local places here offer forth more complex beverages and a less crowded atmosphere to get to know one another. Who knows, after your cup of coffee, you may be wanting to grab a beer to keep the date going. Coffee shops are the perfect locale to break the ice.

Here are a few in town to explore:
20 Below Coffee: 14 Roberts St N, Fargo
Black Coffee And Waffle Bar: 550 2nd Ave N, Fargo
Babb’s Coffee House: 604 Main Ave, Fargo
Third Drop Coffee: 115 4th St S, Moorhead
Thunder Coffee: 300 Sheyenne St #190, West Fargo
Young Blood Coffee: 623 2nd Ave N, Fargo

See A Show

npschmidt final 0063Some first dates are best served without tons of conversation. Perhaps you got to know each other well via text or instant messaging before the date. Or maybe you’re more introverted and conversation is not your strong suit (relatable). That’s okay too! One thing every human can agree upon is our love for music. Regardless of the genre or style you like, we as humans all share a love for music in one way or another. It is the great connective tissue of our society and music is easily transferrable to a first date setting. Consider using music and the local music venues to guide your first date. Maybe there is an artist you and your date are both fond of, go see them together. Personally, there may not be a better way to bond with someone. Enjoy the local music at these spots:

The Aquarium: 226 Broadway N, Second Floor, Fargo
TAK Music Venue: 1710 Center Avenue, Dilworth
Dempsey’s: 226 Broadway N, Fargo
Hotel Donaldson: 101 Broadway N, Fargo

Written by Brady Drake

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