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Cellar 624: Downtown Fargo’s Newly Renovated Venue is Perfect for Your Rendezvous

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Cellar 624 is a private event space named for the modern wine cellar theme. This one-of-a-kind space in the Fargo-Moorhead area offers the perfect setting for intimate gatherings of up to 100 guests. There are two distinctly different rooms, The Cellar Room and The Wine Cave, that can be rented together or separately depending on the event. Both offer beautiful settings that have been carefully curated to provide an amazing experience for all of our guests. From the moment someone enters the building and heads down the original grand staircase they will feel like they are stepping into something special. They have an onsite manager for all of our events, a custom builtin bar area, cocktail tables, dining tables and linens and many other amenities. They can host a variety of different event types from daytime business luncheons to groom’s dinners and weddings. The possibilities are endless.

A Building Full of History

The biggest misconception about Cellar 624 is that they’re open daily and operate as a normal bar or restaurant. The space is solely an event venue that is customizable for any occasion.

There is some great history behind the beautiful Block 6 building. Block 6 was built over 100 years ago—in 1894 to be exact. It then became home to one of the most popular and classiest department stores of its time, de Lendrecie’s. In 1979, Block 6 was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites. A few years after that the building was converted into apartments and there was even a tea room in the exact location where Cellar 624 sits now. Since that tea room, the space was home to a few restaurants and was formerly known as VIP Catering until Cellar 624 moved in a little over a year ago and the dream of Cellar 624 became a reality. Their designers worked diligently to restore the original brick as well as the articulate ceiling beams that had been hidden for decades.

The space was formerly known by patrons as VIP restaurant & catering. It was a popular lunch spot for many, especially those close by in downtown Fargo. Prior to that, a Chinese restaurant occupied the space. The signs have been left up along the back alley to show the history of the space.

Cellar 624 by the Numbers

  • Maximum capacity: 155, comfortably seats 100.
  • There are two separate areas within the venue.
  • The main space is called “The Cellar Room”. This is a 3000-square-foot room that comfortably seats up to 60.
  • This area is home to their custom-made wine cellar that holds over 700 bottles of wine and their built-in bar.
  • WiFi and AV equipment are also available.
  • The second space is “The Wine Cave” which offers seating for up to 40 and contains a lounge area.
  • Cellar 624 is wheelchair accessible and has ADA-compliant elevators located on the main floor with public access to the lower level and restrooms.
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Cellar 624

624 Main Ave #1
Fargo, ND 58103

The Vision for Cellar 624

For the last couple of years, the idea of expanding has been on the minds of the owners of the space. Their passion for continuing to bring something new and exciting to the community in hospitality and customer service and their love of the food and wine industry has had them keeping their ears and eyes open for the perfect opportunity. The space became available, and after a few visits and walk-throughs, the ideas started flowing. They eventually landed on a location that would deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for guests looking to host private events. They wanted to preserve the historic aspect of the location while incorporating a warm and welcoming sense of being inside a wine cellar on a beautiful vineyard. Not only did they want to offer the event space, but they wanted a location that could be utilized to share their love of food and wine with the community. This brings us to the wine tasting and educational side of Cellar 624. Demolition of the space took about 3 months and then, with the help of BlueRidge Builders, their General Contractor, Jon and his team were able to bring the idea behind Cellar 624 to life.

Your Dream Rendezvouz Destination

Cellar 624 is a unique space that caters to all types of private events. We offer an intimate setting both in size and style. The character and ambiance that come with the space are different from other event venue settings and really set us apart.

Three Reasons to Book with Cellar 624

When it comes to their philosophy and the reason why they’re in the industry, the end game is always that their guests have a one-of-a-kind experience that is memorable and enjoyable. Their staff is committed to offering that and ensuring that attention to detail is always front of mind. They listen to what their guests are looking for and work together with them to bring their ideas to life in a seamless way.

Cellar 624 x Maxwells

Cellar 624 is a sister company to Maxwells Restaurant & Bar. Cellar 624 has a slightly different concept than that of Maxwells. The vision is to bring a venue that can offer enough space and flexibility for our community to make any special occasion their own. The ability to create a space that is designed to bring more people together and educate those who have a passion to learn more and explore the ever-endless world of wine is also a part of that vision. The one similarity to Maxwells you will also find at Cellar 624 is the care and special attention to detail from our staff.

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Cellar 624 is aiming to offer a worldwide selection of wine for every palate; They offer wine tastings monthly and pop-up events for community interaction.

Written by Josiah Kopp

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