Camping At WE FEST- Hottest Party Of The Summer

Hear why Jenny from Fargo Monthly keeps coming back to WE FEST camping year after year.

Back in 2004, I attended my first WE FEST festival, and I have been going back every year since. In my first year I actually was signed up to work as a security guard if you can believe it (I’m so tough.) Some of my favorite memories I have is camping with all of my friends in Blue Ox, people-watching and of course the concerts. Throughout the years, I have visited all of the campgrounds WE FEST has to offer, and my favorite part of that is seeing the different vibes each campground has to offer which keeps me coming back year after year. Each site has something to offer based on your personal preferences. Let’s break it down into the different options you can pick to help you make the right decision.

blue ox 2006
(Jenny in Blue Ox, 2007)

Lake Sallie

One of We FEST’s most popular campgrounds, it has amazing lake views and easy access to concerts. Lake Sallie is open to all age groups however does have a noise curfew for those of you who like to sleep after the concerts

Lake Sallie
Lake Sallie


Located in a beautiful wooded area, It is an excellent escape from the fun of the concert bowl where you can come back and chill with friends. Northwoods is a little more relaxed and only a limited number of spots are available.



If you’re looking for some fun action, Oatfield is home to not only one radio station-hosted area but two! Hang out with both Camp KAT Country and Camp K102 for some fun perks and scheduled activities. Oatfield has a mixture of younger and older campers and is accessible through the underpass on County Road 22 on the East side of the concert bowl. You can have the option to select your individual camping site which makes it ideal for those camping in a group.

Oatfield and Woodchuck

Blue Ox

This campground tends to sell out the most quickly. It is a happening place that has a good balance of younger and older campers and is always bumping with parties day and night. Blue Ox is wide open so it is perfect for large groups.
Blue Ox
(Jenny in Blue Ox, 2006)


If you like to party, then Viking is the place for you. There is always something going on. This campground also is wide-open and is great for small groups or large groups. Viking is also home to the Bob Basecamp and that gang is always throwing the best parties.

(Jenny in Viking, 2005)


Last but not least if you want the convenience of being close to the concerts then look no further than the VIP campground. Located directly behind the concert bowl you will also have access to the VIP showers and bathrooms (no need to have a VIP ticket to the festival.)

VIP Campground
(Jenny in VIP Campground, 2013)

All campgrounds have bathrooms, showers, and food vendors. As I have gotten older I have really enjoyed the golf cart taxis to go from campsite to campsite to visit friends and check out the parties. Another cool thing about camping is that WE FEST also hosts campground decorating contests and different activities in each campground. A lot of these campsites and vehicle passes sell very quickly and with how fast concert tickets are going you will not want to wait. Snag your spot today and I’ll hopefully see you at the ranch.

WE Fest Soo Pass Ranch Map

Jenny Johnson is the Director of Client Management at Spotlight, a proud sponsor of WE FEST.

Written by Jenny Johnson

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