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Brewhalla Opening in Early 2023

From the minds and labors of Drekker Brewing Company, the long-awaited Brewhalla concept will open its doors in early 2023. This newly built space, whose concept has been an ongoing project for almost six years, will bring food, shopping, events, lodging and, of course, more Drekker brew to the FM area. We were able to visit the Drekker-adjacent building that we’ve watched develop over the last year and get a peek behind Brewhalla’s doors.

“Once we knew this was something much bigger than what the brewery could hold we started dreaming and traveling. A lot. We visited food halls all over the country and Europe and the vision started taking shape. We took our needs and paired that with what we thought were the best concepts we’d seen and what would be best for the Fargo community. After that, things came together quickly and we started construction in the spring of 2021.”

-Mark Bjornstad


Brewhalla is a collection of ideas and dreams that the Drekker team wanted to bring to the community. To accomplish this, they have partnered with Kevin Bartram of MBA Development, a comprehensive Architecture and Interior Design firm, to help bring those to life. If you ask Mark Bjornstad, president of the brewery, Brewhalla is being brought to life by the “weirdos at Drekker Brewing!”


That really is the big question with the new Brewhalla. We know there’s going to be a market with food and shopping vendors, and we know about the event space and upper-level hotel rooms… but really, what is it? Well, it’s a conglomerate of everything the Fargo-Moorhead community does so well, in a new Drekkeresque space. Similar to some food halls around the country, it includes local shopping, some unique lodging, as well as multiple, variously sized venue spaces.


Located to the west of the Drekker building we know, the Brewhalla building overlooks the existing space with four floors. The top two will house the hotel rooms, the second to host the larger venue space, plus a few smaller areas for market goers to relax or small events/get-togethers to take place, and the first will be buzzing with the energy from the food and shopping market. Next time you’re on Main Street, near downtown Fargo, look north and you’ll spot the four-story, dark building.


The team has been researching how to bring Brewhalla to life since they built their current space in 2017, so to say this has been in the works for a while is an understatement.

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This is what the first-floor event space + bar will look like when Brewhalla is completed (left), and what we saw when we got a sneak peek this month (right)!

One of the most unique aspects of Brewhalla’s event space is that it can truly be designed to fit anyone or any type of event. There are two large event spaces designed for private events, as well as a mezzanine on the second floor where smaller groups or subgroups can host.

“This could be a wedding ceremony and reception in separate rooms for great flow or a fun social out on the mezzanine where you can look over the activity of the market,” Mark said. “The options are endless.”

Crowning the space, the hotel space is unique in its own right.

“Each room is designed with mural artwork and trinkets from a different beer label created by Drekker Brewing’s artist, Punchgut,” Mark said.

Hotel guests can pick and choose add-ons from the main-level market to completely design their experience and stay.

“Maybe that’s a four-pack of Drekker’s newest release, a pint of amazing gelato from Duchessa or a craft box from Unglued,” Mark added.

The Brewhalla market will most certainly be the heart of the space. The bustling movement from the vendors and visitors will carry energy up through each floor as each level opens for a huge skylight. Since each floor overlooks the market, there is a constant flow of activity from the bottom up.

“We love spaces that have energy and connect people,” Mark said. “The open design of Brewhalla allows the vibe and energy to be shared across the different spaces and floors. Markets have such cool hustle and bustle with shopkeepers working, people shopping and diners talking and laughing. We wanted those elements to bleed through the building so that when you’re at a birthday party in a mezzanine event space, you share that same electricity and don’t have to create your own space. It’s all one buzzing and fun hive with all sorts of different nooks and crannies.”

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This is what the skylight above the market + terrace will look like when Brewhalla is completed (left), and what we saw when we got a sneak peek this month (right)!

A unique aspect of the market is that it’s designed so that you visit it how you want to. Come for a few hours to shop and dine in with friends, swing by to pick up dinner on the go or have a working lunch in one of the mezzanine spaces!

While there can be a busyness in the market energy, the giant skylight opens up the space and allows natural light to fill the corners in a way that relieves some pressure rather than packing it on. The team wanted to make sure that the space felt open and spacious, offering “outdoor vibes year-round,” where, in our region, that’s not possible.

The team explored a lot all over the country and the world in order to create the space and fit it to the community. The market strategically incorporates a balance of savory and sweet food, an array of drinks and a variety of shopping to create different ways to experience Brewhalla.

“We visited food halls and other fun, weird spaces all over. Our favorites are located in New York, Milwaukee, Denver, Copenhagen, Texas and Los Angeles. From there, we learned so much about placemaking, operations, facility design and the overall mix of different businesses. From those lessons, we looked at our needs at Drekker and what needs we thought we could meet for the community,” Mark said.

From their research, they chose what businesses would “best execute those concepts in Fargo.”

“We knew these people through years of partnerships and they all shared our values and vision for making Fargo a fun and awesome place. They got the concept right away and were all in for creating this unique and one-of-a-kind space,” Mark said.

Let’s take a look at some of the shops that will be in the market!


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What? Unglued is a modern homemade gift shop, featuring locally and regionally crafted products.

Where? Unglued will be moving from its location in downtown Fargo to the Brewhalla market. They will also be hosting crafty classes in the Brewhalla space as well!

Bonus! Unglued will offer the same loved products like stickers, mugs, t-shirts, the candy wall and so much more, plus they will be offering even more DIY kits at their new location. They envision the community stopping by their store to purchase their DIY kit, grabbing a snack or some wine, finding a spot in the mezzanine and getting crafty!

Facebook & Instagram: @ungluedmarket & @ungluedmarket

The Plant Supply

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What? The Plant Supply is a local seller of handmade plant accessories and gifts, making it easy to fill your space with well-loved greenery.

Where? The Plant Supply owners have been creating their products in their studio and customers choose to pick up or get their items shipped in and outside of the area, but that hasn’t stopped them from getting widespread attention and love. They also have been active participants in local markets, but the shop in the Brewhalla Market will be their first permanent storefront!

Bonus! The Plant Supply’s new location in Brewhalla will allow them to really curate what they’re selling in their storefront. They want to create a welcoming space for anyone to shop plants, offering this upscale environment where someone can come in and build a plant gift ready to go!

Facebook & Instagram @theplantsupply & @theplant.supply

Duchessa Gelato

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What? Duchessa Gelato, a part of the business, Cows & Co Creamery, sells artisan gelato and farmstead gouda cheese and cheese curds made with milk from dairy cows on a farm in Carrington, ND.

Where? Duchessa Gelato currently operates a cafe at the creamery, where the community can indulge in the creamy treats, giving you a taste of the Netherlands where the owner hails from. You can also visit the farm and the dairy cows at Cows & Co Creamery!

Bonus! Duchessa Gelato will offer 12 different flavors of gelato from their Brewhalla market spot and will rotate the flavors monthly. They plan to launch some new flavors when they open, along with the traditional flavors. They will also be making fresh stroopwafels on location! The perfect sweet treat during a day at the market!

Facebook & Instagram @cowsandcocreamery & @cowsandcocreamery

The Other Vendors Include:

  • Unicorn Park Fine Foodery
  • Red River Refillery
  • Luna Market
  • Mangata Wine & Raw Bar
  • Blackbird Woodfire (2nd location)
  • Thunder Coffee (2nd location)
  • Bark’n Biscuits Co.
  • Livin’ the Dream Pottery by Hayden Swanson
  • Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Café (2nd location)

With the market, the venues and the hotel, all of the levels in Brewhalla will be connected through the skylight, the market energy, fun art murals, graphics and installed experiences.

As they continue to support those small businesses and be engaged with the community, the team’s vision for Brewhalla is to also evolve, grow and change over time to create experiences in the new space.

If you want to be the first to know when Brewhalla will be opening and stay updated on all the unique events going on, head over to their social media pages and sign up for the newsletter on the Brewhalla website!

Drekker Brewing Co.
1666 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102

1702 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND
Facebook & Instagram: @brewhalla.fargo & @brewhalla.fargo

Written by Geneva Nodland

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