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Beer Dinners: Prairie Brothers & Blarney Stone

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

The Food

Bangers And Mash

Bangers And Mash is a traditional English plate spawned in World War I era Great Britain. The Blarney Stone takes the dish and gives it their own homemade touch. It begins with mashed Champ potatoes alongside four authentic Irish sausages. Top that with Blarney’s signature gravy (combined with sauteed onions and rosemary) and green onion. Accompanied by a side of baked beans and a roll, this meal is versatile in many aspects. It serves as a great breakfast, lunch or dinner and is also a stellar cure for those nagging hangovers.

Blarney Stone Pub
1910 9th St E, West Fargo

The Beer

Guava Kettle Sour

The sour beer craze has taken over more than just Fargo-Moorhead. Thirsty patrons are clamoring for more tart and tangy brews. Some sours can take up to years to age if being brewed in a barrel. On the flip side, when made in a kettle, beer can sour quicker opening up more possibilities for local brewers. This Prairie Brothers kettle sour offers up a very tropical flavor thanks to the guava used during brewing. While it remains fruity it does not skimp on the pucker factor either, leaving it to please mild and more extreme sour beer fanatics.

Prairie Brothers Brewing Company
4474 23rd Ave S, Fargo

Why It Pairs

Sour beers can sometimes be a fickle beast for local restaurants. On the one hand, a beer that is too sour can drown out the entire flavor of a specific dish. However, a moderately tart beer can cleanse the palate after taking a bite of a dish. A dish like Bangers And Mash offers forth plenty of saltier flavors in the gravy and sausage. With the guava kettle sour, it serves as a palate refresher for diners. It will likely reduce the salty taste on your tongue and prepare your mouth for the next bite of this pub delicacy.

Written by Brady Drake

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