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August’s Drink Of The Month

Photos By Hillary Ehlen

This is called a “variable” because the ingredients can always change. This drink can be made with all sorts of dry herbs, like peppercorn, sage, rosemary, etc.

The process to make this beverage is much like making a tea and results in a similar botanical flavor.

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Bottom Chamber:
4 oz Ransom Barrel-Aged Gin
2 oz simple syrup
8oz water
Dash of vanilla extract

Top Chamber Options:
Rosemary sprigs
Lemon peels
Dried serendipity (tea with strawberry and mint infused)

• In the bottom component of a siphon, or “bulb,” combine gin, simple syrup, water and vanilla.

• In the top component, or “hopper,” add your choice of dried herbs (suggestions above) and insert hopper into the bulb.

• Position the bulb and hopper on the heat source and begin to heat.

• When the water starts boiling, it will create a vacuum and the contents of the bulb will rise into the hopper. As it does this, stir the herbs and the liquids in the hopper continuously as the contents of the bulb get pulled up.

• Once all the contents of the bulb are pulled up, take off heat and allow the vacuum to be reversed. This will suck the seeped mixture back to the bottom bulb.

• Pour into a snifter glass and garnish with lemon peel and rosemary.

Nehk uses a siphon in this recipe, which is typically used for making coffee, but can also be used to make some flavorful cocktails, too.

Nehk likes making this drink with gin because it allows the drinker to be able to still taste all the other flavors infused in it.

Vanilla adds richness and the simple syrup and water help keep the alcohol from burning out.

Meet the Mixologist

npschmidt final 09894 copyAdam Nehk has over 11 years of bartending experience in the Fargo-Moorhead area. Having spent many of those years mixing at various bars and restaurants around town, Nehk now serves as the bar catering manager and mixologist at Chef’s Table Catering. In this position, he dives into his talent of cocktail creation with specialty drinks for private events, corporate events and weddings. He’s continuously satisfied tastebuds in town, winning various awards and placing in the semi-finals of High Plains Reader’s Cocktail Showdown and Bartender Battle.

Written by Josiah Kopp

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