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A Look Inside: FM’s KidCo. Children’s Museum for Local Family Activities!

The newest hotspot for families and kids in the area is just over one month into the opening and they’re already getting feedback for more. KidCo. Children’s Museum is an interactive play center that engages children mentally and physically with its variety of mini-structures, games, performances, and more! Now, kids have more opportunities to experience the museum and get their wiggles out! Let’s take a peek inside the KidCo. Children’s Museum!

Inside Tiny Town

It’s hard to try to fit what the museum holds inside a simple sentence because, really, what the four walls off Center Ave in Moorhead have is lots of room for imagination. But, there are plenty of structures, games, toys, and more that help fuel those hours of storytelling in kids’ minds—check it out!

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  1. A construction zone with a netted nook for exploring above, including a worker’s vest and hard hat.
  2. A “jail” inside the police station, hiding a secret escape route to the second level.
  3. A barbershop and salon on the floor level and a lookout spot on the second.
  4. A jungle of noodles to venture through.
  5. A KidCo. Fire Station, complete with a pole for the “firefighters” to slide down from the second level and a fire hose.
  6. A bistro serving up dishes through the floor-level dining or carry-out window, as well as a spot to enjoy “ice cream” on the second-level terrace.

Museum Background

Aaron Duma was inspired and created the business plan for this interactive museum during the COVID-19 pandemic. While trying to find something to do, other than binging another Netflix show, he crunched the numbers and smoothed out the details for what would become KidCo. Aaron, his wife, Emily, and his business partner, Tom Kemmer, joined forces to bring it to life!

Remember! No shoes allowed on the carpet—remember to sport your favorite silly socks for the KidCo. adventures!

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So Much To Do, So Much To See!

When the kids aren’t adventuring in the jungle, saving the day, working the lunch rush, or whatever else their minds might come up with in Tiny Town, they can venture to the other side of the room to find their next act—the stage. Be it creating music with the PVC pipe drum set on the wall, sending balls or scarves through the air-powered “Woosher” on the wall, watching a puppet play, or finding themselves center-stage in front of the wall of stars, there’s no doubt that kids will forever remember the stories from KidCo.!

Although KidCo.’s focus is kid-forward, they haven’t forgotten about those who brave taking the kids out to places like this. A bar railing surrounding the Toddler Area is set up with chairs for adults, featuring a view of the entire space. So order some coffee at the register, grab a snack, and hang out with the comfort of being able to keep an eye on the adventures while you chat with a friend or read a book!

How Can I Get In?

You can plan your visit to KidCo. by purchasing “Plays.” There are a variety of play packages to fit your needs. Play sessions last 90 minutes for maximum play time without overdoing it for either the kiddos or the adults. Because of the reservation system, KidCo. keeps a limit on the number of kids to ensure more crazy excitement and less chaos.

Wiggle Reducer (5 Plays) – $49
De Wiggler Package (10 Plays) – $89
Wiggle Buster Package (20 Plays) – $149

Curious about that “GlowZone” Sign?

Inside the GlowZone, kids can get artsy (without the mess OR the clean up!) in the UV-lit room, seeing the spectacular UV-responsive paint-splattered walls! They will be able to draw on giant dry-erase boards and sport their UV light bracelets, headbands, and more!

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Mini Wiggles

It’s clear to see that between Tiny Town and the stage area, the kids will busy themselves in whatever world they’ve created, but that might be a bit too busy for the smaller toddlers. If that’s the case, send them to the Toddler Area where they can blast off to space, serve ice cream at their truck, travel across the variety of soft beams and steps to practice balance, read a book or two with an adult, and so much more.

Kidco. Children’s Museum
(701) 429-7432 814
Center Ave, Suite 3, Moorhead
Website | playkidco.com
Facebook | KidCo Children’s Museum
Instagram | @kidcochildrenmuseum

Wednesdays 3:30- 5 p.m. reserved for Sensory Sensitive Sessions!

Tues-Fri 10:15 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sat & Sun 9 a.m.-1:45 p.m

Written by Geneva Nodland

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