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50+ International Restaurants To Try In Fargo-Moorhead

Outsiders might not think of international cuisine when they think of Fargo, but they should. Tag along as we introduce you to some of the best international restaurants in the area.

Plaza Azteca

Plaza Azteca Fargo Monthly
Plaza Azteca General Manager and Co-Owner Juan Perez

Despite coming to Fargo-Moorhead less than two years ago, Plaza Azteca is already a sensation among Fargo-Moorhead residents. In a recent Facebook post, we asked our followers to tell us their favorite local international restaurant, Plaza Azteca was one of the top two vote-getters.

The Mexican Eatery serves all types with a mix of low and medium-priced menu items, a wide array of tequila options and tremendous tableside guacamole.

“To me, tequila is the best drink,” said General Manager and Co-Owner Juan Perez, who is originally from Los Altos de Jalisco, a major tequila hub in Mexico. “I wanted to have every single tequila possible at this restaurant.”

If you’re not into tequila, don’t fret. The flavor at Plaza Azteca does not disappoint.

From the quality of ingredients to the decor, Plaza Azteca set out to be different from the stat. “We tried not to be the typical Mexican restaurant,” said Perez, who has worked in the service industry since his father’s death when he was 11 years old. “We tried to steer clear of the sombreros and the typical colors you’ll find at most Mexican restaurants around here. However, most importantly, we put an emphasis on quality. We do not buy cheap ingredients. Everything we buy here, from the meat to the produce is quality.”

Plaza Azteca
5505 28th Ave. S. Fargo, ND 58104

Plaza Azteca Fargo Monthly
Piña Loka – Grilled pineapple stuffed with chicken, steak, peppers and onions in homemade “Al Pastor sauce”, topped with melted cheese. Served with rice and flour tortillas.

India Palace

India Palace Fargo Monthly Sept 2021
Co-Owner Gurdip Mand

The Fargo-Moorhead area is blessed with a plethora of great options when it comes to Indian cuisine (more on that later). However, India Palace stood out among the rest as one of the top two vote getters amongst all local international restaurants in our Facebook post.

At India Palace, you can be sure that you’ll find all the classic Indian entrees that are mainstays in the northern region of Punjab. We’re talking Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Curries and Garlic Naan. They have it all.

“We have the best original recipes from decades of experience to capture the perfect Indian taste,” said Co-Owner Gurdip Mand. “When someone walks in the door, they can expect to be mesmerized. We are so passionate about our food and culture. The food is liquid gold in a bowl.”

However, those looking to enjoy the mouthwatering flavors found at India Palace, will need to out of a to-go box. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the restaurant has transitioned to take-out only format.

“COVID lockdowns were the original reason we went to carryout, we are more cautious family so we stuck with carryout and business has bounced back to a comfortable level where we live a more balanced work life and still provide hundreds of meals daily,” said Mand.

India Palace also hosts private parties geared towards 10 to 40 people.

India Palace
5050 13th Ave. S. #3, Fargo, ND 58103

India Palace Fargo Monthly Sept 2021
Chicken Tikka Masala Alltime most popular colorful dish. House special masala with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. Perfect for first timers


Izumi Sushi & Hibachi

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Sushi boat with crispy crab, yummy yummy, rainbow, spicy California, shrimp tempura, sweet potato, spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls.

All you can eat sushi? Say no more. This restaurant offers sushi, hibachi and more!

5675 26th Ave. S, Fargo
5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo

Samurai Japanes Cuisine

Andrew Samurai
The NDSU Roll

Authentic Japanese and Thai Food are served at this Asian fusion cuisine and sushi bar. Samurai stands out with selection and taste.

Editors Note: Try the Eel Avocado roll!

1775 45th St. S, Fargo

Kobe’s Japanese Cuisine

Much like Osaka, Kobe’s offers you the opportunity to get a show while enjoying a delicious dinner.

4228 15th Ave. S, Fargo

Drunken Noodle and Slurp Ramen

hehlen final
Tonkotsu – Marinated braised pork belly (chashu), wood ear mushroom, green onion, soft boiled egg in a creamy pork bone (tonkatsu) broth

The name of these cohabitating restraunts says it all. This is your one stop shop for everything from mac & cheese to traditional ramen dishes.

623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

Susi Burrito Cafe

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind dining option, Sushi Burrito Cafe is for you! They offer all of the great options you’d find at a traditional sushi bar with the option to roll it up in a nice flour or seaweed paper tortilla. 

623 Northern Pacific Ave, Fargo

Osaka Sushi & Hibachi

If you’re looking for entertainment, this hibachi grill offers it. What’s more, you can also find excellent sushi here.

1111 38th St. S, Fargo

Wasabi Sushi & Asian Grill

If you want traditional sushi, sashimi, nagiri and more, Wasabi does it right. 

623 NP Ave. N, Fargo


Everest Tikka House

Andrew Everest Tikka Masala
Tikka Masala

Everest Tikka House is the editor’s all-time favorite local restaurant. This Nepali/Indian restaurant does not mess around and might be more popular if it wasn’t tucked away at the Moorhead Center Mall! Find your classic Indian favorites like Tikka Masala and Chicken Tikka while exploring uniquely Nepali dishes like Momos.

Editors Favorites: Make sure to try the Chicken Chili (Paneer Chili is also great if you’re vegetarian) and the Masala Wings!

420 Center Ave, Moorhead

Passage To India

Passage to
Via Facebook page

You know you’re doing something right when the Mayor of Flavortown calls your food “the bomb” on his popular diners drive-ins and dives show. Come here if you’re looking to experience one of our area’s premier Indian restaurants.

855 45th St. S, Fargo

Himalayan Yak

Originally, Himilayan Yak was under the same ownership as Everest Tikka House, but it branched off on its own about five years ago and is now bringing its own twist to Indian/Nepali cuisine.

1450 25th St. S, Fargo

India Palace

What’s more to say? India Palace is one of Fargo’s favorite restaurants as evidenced by our cover story.

5050 13th Ave S #3, Fargo, ND 58103


Thai Orchid

Thai Orchid Final Andrew
Hot and spicy noodles: Pan-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, celery, mushrooms, roasted chilies, flavored lime juice, lemongrass, sprinkled with peanut and scallions.

Voted Best Ethnic Cuisine in the Forum’s Best of the Red River Valley 2020, Thai Orchid does not disappoint. 

Editor’s Note: I have only been to Thai Orchid once but the Spicy Basil Fried Rice is incredible.

420 Center Ave., Moorhead

Sirirath Thai House

Sirirath Thai
Via Facebook Page

From the Sirirath Thai House Website:

We founded Sirirath Thai House out of a deep love for real food, for food that is fresh, healthy, and authentic. We only use real ingredients here at Sirirath Thai House. We strive to make each and every dish a wholesome expression of our love for food, life, and living. 
Sirirath Thai House was born in 2020 in West Fargo, ND. Enjoy a casual dining experience, and ascend your palate through the exotic flavors of Thailand.

Sirirath Thai House was born in 2020 in West Fargo, ND. Enjoy a casual dining experience, and ascend your palate through the exotic flavors of Thailand.

749 23rd Ave E Unit D, West Fargo

Leela Thai Cuisine

Leela Thai Cuisine is a heavyweight and actually took second to Thai Orchid in the Fargo Forum’s annual Best of the Red River Valley for best ethnic cuisine in 2020.

1450 25th St. S, Fargo


One of the newer Thai restraunts in the region, Thaikota offers up uniquely Northern Thai cuisine.

1201 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102


Great Wall

Great Wall Final Andrew

Rated #1 on Tripadvisor among Chinese restaurants in Fargo, North Dakota, their most popular item, General Tso’s chicken, is made with a secret sauce that has 26 ingredients in it.

1617 University Dr. S, Fargo


Via Facebook page

There is no doubt that Lucy’s is a favorite among many locals for their Northern Chinese cuisine. 

4323 45th St S. Ste 105, Fargo

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon Final Andrew

Jade Dragon stands out from its competitors because of its extensive offering of Vietnamese food. However, it won’t disappoint with any of its Chinese offerings.

1015 Main Ave. Fargo

Nine Dragons

Via Facebook page

Consistently voted as one of the top Chinese restaurants in town, Nine Dragons offers an extensive menu consisting of everything from soups to vegetarian options to more exotic items like gluten-free moo goo gai pain.

4615 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Fortune House

Via Facebook page

Located close to NDSU, Fortune House is perfect for those college students looking to satisfy that craving.

1100 19th Ave. N. Ste. D, Fargo

China Buffet

You won’t leave here hungry with their many buffet options and the best part is that the owners try and get the freshest ingredients and cook them in a healthy manner.

3246 U.S. 10 East, Moorhead

China King Buffet

China King Buffet is a staple of West Fargo and offers delivery within four miles.

715 13th Ave E, West Fargo

Giant Panda

Tucked away behind Applebee’s on 13th Avenue, Giant Panda offers all-you-can-eat seven days a week.

1331 Gateway Dr, Fargo

Mandarin Kitchen Express

Located at Lucy’s old 32nd avenue location, Mandarin Kitchen Express has built on that spot’s long history of Chinese delicacy.

3003 32nd Ave S #1, Fargo

Mr. Wok Chinese Express

Opened in 2019, Mr. Wok Chinese Express specializes in American Chinese staples. If you stop by, there’s a Thai ice cream spot right next door for dessert!

816 24th Ave E Suite 100, West Fargo

Peking Restaurant

Peking restaurant serves up traditional Cantonese dishes six days a week.

108 Main Ave W, West Fargo

Season Buffet

This family-owned restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has a variety of coupons available on their website, including free sweet and sour chicken and free cheese or fried wonton. Go to for those coupons.

3838 Main Ave., Fargo

Shang Hai

Open every day but Monday, Shang Hai offers delivery without the need to register an account.

3051 25th St. S, Fargo

Snap Dragon

Open seven days a week, Snap Dragon has an extensive menu of Chinese dishes.

625 30th Ave. S, Moorhead



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In the opinion of the editor, Bernbaum’s is simply one of the best restaurants in our community. The flavors served up at the Nordic-Jewish deli can go toe-to-toe with those of any fine dining establishment in the area while offering its food at a modest price (their most expensive item is only $13.99).

At the establishment, you can find anything to fit your craving: breakfast sandwiches, salads, soups, bagels, bagel plates, a wide array of hot sandwiches and so much more.

402 Broadway N, Fargo

Son of Norway – Kringen Lodge #4-25

Sons of Norway Fargo Monthly
Lingonberry meatballs

The Sons of Norway is a non-profit dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage and culture. But, did you know they have a restaurant that has been serving up food since they opened in 1975?

Every weekday, you can stop by for carmel rolls and coffee from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and lunch from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. While they do admit that most of the lunches they serve consist of American or Americanized Norwegian dishes in order to better satisfy the evolving local tastes, you can still come here for traditional Norwegian feasts during special occasions like Leif Erickson day, which will feature dishes like Lutefisk and Norwegian Meatballs, Potato Klub, Norwegian Salmon, Torsk, Rømmegrøt and Lefse.

Homemade pies are served every Tuesday.

722 2nd Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102

Wurst Bier Hall

hehlen final
Jager Schnitzel – Breaded boneless pork loin topped with mushroom gravy with braised red cabbage and your choice of spaetle dumpling or fries.

Wurst Bier Hall became an instant classic in Fargo-Moorhead since opening its doors. The German eatery serves up a host of classic dishes that you won’t want to miss.

3179 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo
630 1st Ave N, Fargo

Three Lyons Pub

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Here, you’ll find traditional UK dishes like shepherd’s pie made with seasoned ground beef, carrots, onion and celery in a red wine sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese. 

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Blarney Stone Pub

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Corned beef, creamed cabbage and Shepherd’s pie that will have singing an Irish tune.

1910 9th St E, West Fargo

Altony’s Italian Cafe and Wine Bar

At Altony’s salad and ice cream are included with every meal, how can you go wrong with that?

800 Holiday Dr Suite 176, Moorhead

Speak Easy

Comforting lasagna and an Auburn 4-door sedan convertible with real bullet holes in the side that once belonged to gangster George “Bugs” Moran. Where could you go wrong?

1001 30th Ave S, Moorhead

Latin American

Mango’s Mexican and American Grill

Mangos Final Andrew

You can do no wrong ordering at Mango’s. This Fargo mainstay offers great food at great prices. The Molcajete is incredible!

2901 Main Ave., Fargo

La Unica Mexican Market

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You simply can not beat the tamales at La Unica!

2615 12th Ave S F, Moorhead

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

pfless FINAL

Acapulco is another cant miss option for authentic Mexican cuisine in Fargo-Moorhead. 

1150 36th St. S, Fargo

Vinyl Taco

pfless FINAL

With great food, a wide selection of drinks and a fun atmosphere in downtown Fargo, Vinyl Taco might just take the cake for date spots among Mexican restaurants in town.

520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Mexican Village

pfless FINAL

Mexican Village is a fun, family friendly Mexican option. (Your kids will love tossing change in the fountains).

814 Main Ave., Fargo
3155 45th St. S, Fargo

Tacos Trompo

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This South Fargo eatery serves up street food-style tacos, Mexican sandwiches, tortas, chilaquiles, alambres and much more when it comes to traditional dishes. 

4265 45th St. S, Fargo

Mi Familia Taco Company

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If Mi Familia Taco Company is short on one thing, it certainly isn’t options. They even feature Hippie Tacos, a great vegetarian option.

4474 23rd Ave. S. Suite A, Fargo

La Fiesta Mexican & American Grill


Located in the old Santa Lucia building, La Fiesta offers a mix of American classics and mouthwatering Mexican entrees.

1109 38th St. S. Fargo

Red Pepper Fargo

Via Facebook Page

A local classic, Red Pepper serves up tacos and grinders with the best of them.

1105 19th Ave. N. Fargo

Taco Shop

Home of the famous grinder since the ’60s, Taco Shop offers tacos, Taco Shop offers tacos, sandwiches and Mexican and American dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

420 University Drive N., Fargo

1825 University Drive S., Fargo


The Spice Grille

The Spice Grille Fargo Monthly
Pounded Yam and Egusie

The Spice Grille, opened in 2017 by married couple Tony Andrews and Akua Hutchinson, serves up something unique to the community, Ghanian and Afro-Carribean food.

The couple are also pastors and started the restaurant after encouragement among their parishioners who enjoyed the free post-service meals Hutchinson would cook. 

“My wife’s idea was to have a place where all the nationalities can come to taste what we have in West Africa,” said Andrews. “We cook to taste. Everything is flavored heavily, but we will make it as spicy or not as spicy as you want.

28 Center Mall Ave., Moorhead

Rugsan Cuisine

Rugsan Fargo Monthly

Rugsan Cuisine sets itself apart with a large menu offering Somali and East African food that is sure to satisfy, standing the test of time since 2015.

Editors Note: The Sports Plate is simple (rice, meat and onions) but delicious and can feed you for a few days!

2424 13th Ave. S., Fargo

Madina Cuisine

Madina Cuisines Fargo Monthly

Madina Omar opened Madina Cuisine to support her family with delicious Somalian, Ethiopian and Arabian food, yes. But she also did it for another very important reason.

“I love to cook,” said Omar. “Even when I’m having a bad day, cooking makes me happy.”

Originally from Somalia, Omar came to America when she was 15 years old. At the time, she had been married for two year already, had two children and was pregnant. By the time she divorced, she had five children and no support. That didn’t stop her.

Now, she serves up delicious meals that are definitely worth trying, whether you are vegetarian or not, there’s something for you at Madina Cuisine.

Most popular item: Roasted goat which takes two to two and a half hours to cook and begins selling at 1 p.m.

2225 13th Ave. S., Fargo

Africa International Restaurant & Night Club

A restaurant by day and night club at night, come here for Ghanian and Liberian cuisine.

4554 7th Ave. E., Fargo

A&E Liberian Restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique, authentic dining experience with the option for a little spice, this is the place for you.

855 45th St. S. Ste. A1, Fargo

Adibon Fusion Cuisine

Congolese with European fusion, that’s what you’ll find at Adibon Fusion Cuisine, a restaurant serving up unique and tasty options.

3017 13th Ave. S., Fargo

Written by Brady Drake

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