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5 Things to Eat & Drink

We are in the thick of summer, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick to the same old breakfast, lunch and supper routines. Check out this month’s 5 Things to Eat & Drink for some new and some veteran restaurants in town to make your July meals special!

On the go? Grab a variety of bagels and cream cheeses to create the breakfast of your dreams!

1: Breakfast Bagel

Though they have been serving the community the tastiest bagels for over 20 years, you can always try something new at Boppa’s Bagels! Try the popular rainbow bagel (upper right) with funfetti cream cheese (yes, it’s as tasty as it is pretty) or a cheesy sausage and egg breakfast (lower middle) on an asiago bagel. Or try head there for lunch to try the smoked turkey sandwich (top left) on a swiss bagel, complete with cookies, bagel chips and a pickle!

Boppa’s Bagels


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Visit The Lights in West Fargo and you’ll find Tati’s Mediterranian Saveur. One of the many delicious, authentic Lebanese dishes is the Kafta Kabab. In this delicious meal, you find a grilled mix of beef and lamb, parsley, onions, garlic and sumac, served with a side of Lebanese rice or french fries, and grilled vegetables! Savory and exciting, try it out!

Tati’s Mediterranean

3: Star City special

Visit the newest late-night snack spot, Boss’ Pizza and Chicken, now open in downtown Fargo! While there are a ton of specialty pizzas to choose from, we tried two for you. The Star City Special (right), originally gaining popularity in Nebraska, is a twist on a cheesy classic, featuring a cream cheese base and a double layer of peperoni. A true specialty is the Chicken Queso Crunch—which is exactly how it sounds—queso, chicken, beef, chips and cheddar cheese create this taco-style pizza. Head to Boss’ today!

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken

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4: Home Slice Cherry Pie

Calling all pie lovers! If your favorite pie happens to be cherry pie (and, even if it isn’t), the Home Slice Cherry Pie cider from Wild Terra is a musttry! This “kinda-sweet” drink is made with apples, cherry, gluten-free graham cracker, cinnamon and brown sugar. This makes the perfect sip for a summer evening over at Wild Terra, see you there!

Wild Terra

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5: Snow Crab special

You’ll find a seafood lover’s dream at Oasis Restaurant & Bar! In their snow crab special, you can devour snow crab, shrimp, sausage and green muscles, along with corn, potatoes and hard-boiled eggs for a delectable seaside meal. All of this is covered in your choice of seasoning and spice level. Find your Oasis and head over!

Oasis Restaurant & Bar

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Written by Geneva Nodland

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