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 5 Things to Eat & Drink This Month

The summer season is here and we are ready to eat! This month is all about summer eating, and what encompasses that better than delicious and unique food trucks? Part of the excitement is figuring out where these tasty trucks are off to next, make sure you follow their social media to see!

1. Super Dog

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Underneath this mountain of toppings sits one of the finest hotdogs in the metro… Vittle’s Super Dog, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This all-beef dog is cooked to perfection, layered with cream cheese, mac-n-cheese, Hot Cheetos and really whatever else you want on it! Look for Vittle’s colorful lights on the streets of Broadway, and you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

Vittle’s Food

2. Cheese + Balsamic Walking Waffle

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This delicious walking waffle creation is topped with whipped goat cheese, a balsamic glaze and finished off with crushed walnuts. Find this delicious treat, along with more British Street Waffles at the Windsor Waffle food truck!

Windsor Waffle

3. Fish Taco, Nachos and Quesirria

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The fish taco (lower left) is topped with spinach, pico and some tasty chipotle dressing. The nachos (right) are loaded with some of the most flavorful chicken around, and more goodies like fresh veggies, pico and guacamole! Lastly, the show stopper, the Quesirria order features grilled handmade tortillas, cheese, birria, cilantro, onion, and delicious broth on the side!

Casa Delicia Eatery

4. Mac and Oink

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Inside of the popular food truck mac, the Mac and Oink, is BBQ cheddar sauce, slow-roasted pork belly, cottage bacon and bacon crumbles. This dish is topped with shredded cheddar cheese, BBQ drizzle and onion straws. Not only is this a fan favorite from the food truck, but it’s one of the original mac and cheese creations!

Mac Daddy’s Fargo Fillies

5. 5BK Sandwich, Sambusas and The Suya Bowl

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This African cuisine is a welcomed addition to the food truck scene. Sweet meets savory with the appetizing 5BK Sandwich (right) made with a waffle bowl and served with fried plantains. Try the pastry fried Sambusas (left) with a delicious meat filling! Included here is also the Suya Bowl (middle)zzz, which has a layer of jollof rice, meat, and salad and is topped with 5BK and Suya powder.

Adibon Fusion Cuisine

Written by Geneva Nodland

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