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5 Things To Eat And Drink This October

Photos By Nolan P. Schmidt

As fall dawns on Fargo, try these vittles this October.

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Hawaiian Barbecue Wings

Sidestreet is proud to announce that they have revamped their entire menu. Now, they take pride in making everything from scratch including their bone-in and boneless wings. With a variety of new sauces to try, you’ll be coming back to Sidestreet time and time again just to try each flavor. The Hawaiin Barbecue offers up a zesty barbecue flavor with a fruity kick.

Sidestreet Grille & Pub
404 4th Ave N

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Supreme Omelet

This fella is sure to calm any hunger you may have. With a three-egg base, Mom’s Diner tosses in cheese, ham, sausage, green pepper, onion, mushroom and black olives for a truly filling breakfast. Add to that, a side of hash browns and toast and you’ll be loosening your belt before long.

Moms Diner
1322 Main Ave

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Loaded Lavash

The photo may not do it justice, but this thing is a behemoth. BorderTown begins with a cracker crust and tops it with Havarti cheese, tomato, green pepper, onion, black olives, mushrooms and shredded ham. If that’s not the definition of loaded, then what is?

BorderTown Bar And Grill
807 Main Avenue E, West Fargo

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Pumpkin Spice Chai with Blended Espresso

As the weather gets colder and the calendar turns to October, pumpkin spice becomes the flavor of choice. In many cases, the pumpkin flavor can be drowned out thanks to the overuse of sugar. Not at Ladybug Latte. This blended espresso drink is not overly sweet but still packs a great pumpkin and coffee punch.

Ladybug Latte
619 Main Ave E, West Fargo

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Colorado Bulldog

Per sources inside Bulldog Tap, the Colorado Bulldog is the top-selling drink at this south Fargo hot spot. It begins with a mixture of vodka, Kahlua liqueur and cream. Once those two are combined, Bulldog Tap adds traditional cola to the mixture. Top it with some cocoa powder and hazelnut and you have a sweet drink to enjoy at any time during the day.

Bulldog Tap
4265 45th St S

Written by Brady Drake

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