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5 Things To Eat And Drink This February

Photos By Hillary Ehlen and Kayleigh Omang

They can be savory and they can be sweet, but we have all the PIES you should try this month on lock.

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Chicken Pot Pie

Served with a side of mixed greens, this chicken pot pie from Nichole’s might have you reaching for a pillow after eating. Carrots, chicken and peas are intertwined with a homemade cream sauce to create the traditional inside of this comfort food favorite. Topped with a puff pastry, you may not make it back to work after this one.

Nichole’s Fine Pastry And Cafe
13 8th St S, Fargo 

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The Variety Pack

We could not select just one pie from The Shack on this day. Two meringue pies begin this variety pack in a coconut cream pie and sour cream and raisin pie. While the coconut cream pie is perfectly sweet, do not be deterred by the sour cream and raisin. Complete with bursts of cinnamon, this pie is as sweet as they come. Finally, this variety pack came with a mixed berry pie. The perfectly flaky crust works beautifully with the sweetness of the berries. Don’t forget the coffee!

The Shack On Broadway
3215 Broadway N, Fargo

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Shepherd’s Pot Pie

There is nothing quite like a Shepherd’s Pie. Served in a mini cast-iron skillet, Crooked Pint sticks to the classic recipe. Ground beef and fresh veggies are joined together in homemade gravy. Once that base is created, Crooked Pint tops the mixture with mashed potatoes. To top it all off, they melt fresh parmesan over the top of the mashed potatoes. Hope you brought your comfy pants!

Crooked Pint Ale House
3340 13th Avenue S, Fargo

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Rhubard Custard Pie

The beautiful thing about most pie is that it’s portable. Grab a slice from your favorite spot around town and have it for later. At Deaner’s Diner, they have a host of scratch-made pies to choose from. On this day, we went with the rhubarb custard pie. Complete with a crumbly and flaky crust, this pie features a good sweetness from the custard which is balanced out by the rhubarb. Even if you are not a fan of rhubarb, it should not deter you from having this delectable slice.

Deaner’s Diner
405 Main Ave W, West Fargo

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Blueberry Kuchen

Is kuchen a pie or a cake? While the word “kuchen” literally means cake in German, we refuse to take a stance in this potential argument. The base of kuchen is similar to a pie with eggs, flour, sugar and fat. This delicacy from Kroll’s features fresh blueberries within it as well, adding a nice sweet touch for fans of this classic Midwest desert.

Kroll’s Diner
1033 45th St S, Fargo

Written by Brady Drake


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