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5 RTDs Canned Cocktails to Drink this Summer!

RTDs? What’s that?

RTD is a term you may have never heard before, but we’ll bet you’ve tasted one. RTD stands for Ready-to-Drink, also known as canned cocktails. Both terms refer to premixed, canned beverages made with real liquor and various mixes. This fast-growing segment of the beverage industry is vast and innovative with endless varieties and combinations available. Here are 5 Ready-to-Drink cocktails to try right now!


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NÜTRL – (pronounced neutral) Simply made with vodka, seltzer, and real fruit juice, NÜTRL vodka seltzer offers a deliciously clean, light and refreshing taste. NÜTRL comes in a variety of flavors including original fruit, lemonade, and cranberry variety packs. For those checking stats, NÜTRL has just 100 calories, is gluten-free, and has zero added sugar. 4.5% ABV


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CoCo Rum – The original Hard Coconut Water, Coco Rum combines fresh coconut water, smooth rum, and sparkling water. Its refreshingly different taste just might fool you into thinking you’re on vacation. CoCo also makes a vodka version which comes in original, lime, and pineapple flavors. All are gluten-free. 5% ABV

Insider Pick

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Tessa Torrance

D-S Beverages, Administrative Assistant


“My favorite ready-to-drink right now has to be NÜTRL vodka seltzers. They’re light and refreshing and have the perfect amount of flavor. I especially love the cranberry variety packs – every flavor in that pack is so good!”


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Mamitas – Endorsed by Brody Jenner and Barstool Sports, Mamitas hard seltzer is made with real tequila, sparkling water, and natural flavors. Mamitas keeps a light and refreshing taste while staying authentic to the iconic tequila cocktails that have inspired bartenders for decades. Mamitas come in 6 flavors, Paloma, Lime, Mango, Pineapple, Tequila Sunrise, and Spicy Marg. All are gluten-free, 95 Calories, with less than 2g sugar. 5% ABV


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Cutwater White Russian – This elevated twist on a classic abides by the old-school recipe and is made in the USA using Cutwater’s award-winning Vodka with coffee cream liqueur. This can holds big notes of vanilla and chocolate, and with 20+ awards under its belt it’s a must try! Cutwater White Russian is gluten free and can be enjoyed straight out of the can or poured over ice. 14% ABV


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10 Barrel Bloody Mary – Created from a brewer’s grandmother’s family recipe, this award winning, canned Bloody Mary is bold, spicy, and savory. Made with 12 ingredients including quality vodka and spices, this ready-to-drink beverage eliminates the hassle of making your own Bloody Mary while still delivering quality and deliciousness. 10% ABV

Written by Geneva Nodland

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