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5 Reasons to Shop Downtown This Holiday Season

The 2021 holiday season is coming up quickly and, while you may have seen a custom gifts idea or two online, shopping local for your gifts is a gift you can give right back to your community. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider shopping small in downtown Fargo this year (and every year!).

Vote with your dollars.

As the saying goes, vote with your dollars. This is without a doubt the most straightforward way to promote the kind of community you want to be in. Small businesses are an essential part of what makes our downtown a community that’s fun to be a part of, and when you spend your dollars at places like Teddy’s or Stabo, they play a crucial role in that business’s chances for success. You’re casting a vote for keeping that business thriving in our downtown neighborhood.

Neighbors support neighbors.

Nothing fosters a sense of community quite like supporting your neighbors. Buying your Christmas gifts from a locally owned business like Proper or buying gift cards from a restaurant like Beer & Fish might not seem like a neighborly action all on its own, but by doing so, you’re investing in that business owner’s success and in jobs for downtown Fargo.

Get so much more than customer service.

Heading to a small business like Zandbroz Variety or Prairie Petals, those working at the shop are so much more than customer service representatives. They are qualified and knowledgeable enough to answer your questions or provide top-tier recommendations, especially if you’re shopping for that one person for whom the perfect gift is always hard to settle on. This personable service does more than just get you what you need, it builds up our sense of community.

Give uniquely.

Locally owned shops take pride in curating their offerings, giving you endless opportunities to find a unique or even one-of-a-kind gift. Shops like Unglued offer hand-made goods (by local crafters!) that make magical gifts you can’t get anywhere else. Or you could head to O’Day Cache for a wide selection of items from around the world to avoid the dreaded duplicate gift.

Experience the magic.

If you haven’t been to downtown Fargo during the holiday season, then you have yet to experience how magical this neighborhood becomes. Lights on every tree, a giant holiday tree in Broadway Square, festive displays in all the shop windows, you name it. Strolling along Broadway becomes all the merrier during the holiday season, so why not make your shopping experience a treat?

No matter who you have on your gift-giving list this year, downtown Fargo has the perfect present just waiting to be found (and probably just a few things for yourself in the process, too…).

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Written by Mari Hall

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