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Meet the Trusted Experts, Prairie Oral & Facial Surgery

When it comes to the oral health of children, every parent seeks the best—enter Prairie Oral & Facial Surgery. Rooted in our community as a locally-owned private practice, they specialize in oral and maxillofacial procedures. From the simple to the complex, be it tooth extractions, wisdom tooth management, or dental implants, their expertise ensures a smooth experience. Beyond these, they are a trusted center for those grappling with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders, head and neck pathology, and the need for reconstructive surgeries

Did You Know?
Prairie Oral surgeons, trained at the esteemed Massachusetts General Hospital by world-renowned experts, have embraced the future with advanced virtual surgical planning. Unmatched in the region, they collaborate seamlessly with referring orthodontists, ensuring a smooth experience for patients.

Since 2002, Prairie Oral Surgery has served the Fargo-Moorhead area. In 2021, Dr. Corbett Haas and Dr. Ryan Smart joined, becoming owners the next year. Visit and see why your child’s smile is in safe hands at Prairie Oral Surgery.

The trusted team at Prairie Oral Surgery specializes in a few different areas that suit families’ needs—check them out!

Wisdom Teeth Service

Prairie Oral provides expert consultations and surgeries for impacted wisdom teeth with sedation options for a comfortable experience. Patients have 24-hour direct access to their surgeon’s cell phone. All procedures take place in a top-tier facility ensuring safety and comfort. Bonus: No referral is needed for wisdom teeth treatment!

"We deeply value our community and every patient who walks through our doors. Taking a personalized approach, we invest time in carefully evaluating each case, planning the best course of action, and thoroughly explaining the procedure, anesthesia options, and post-operative expectations."

Jaw Surgery Service

Prairie Oral specializes in orthognathic (jaw) surgery, often paired with orthodontics, to address jaw growth abnormalities, providing transformative results for patients. They uniquely offer this as an outpatient service, reducing costs compared to hospital stays. Plus, with diverse payment plans, jaw surgery is more affordable than ever!

Expertise meets dedication with these surgeons, who are not only board-certified but esteemed fellows of the American College of Surgeons. They offer a wide range of services with unmatched skill and compassion, ensuring that every patient feels both valued and in capable hands. More than just fixing smiles, the Prairie Oral team is dedicated to making patients smile throughout their entire experience!

"Whether it's wisdom teeth or jaw realignment, consider us your personal pit crew for all things oral and facial surgery. Come in and experience the blend of cutting-edge expertise and hometown compassion that you won't find anywhere else in the FM area. We look forward to joining you on your journey to a healthier, happier smile!"

Learn more about Prairie Oral & Facial Surgery here!

Written by Geneva Nodland

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