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Revolutionizing Wellness with Swanson Hyperbarics

Revolutionizing Wellness

The Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen & HOCATT Treatments at Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic

By Brady Drake

In our modern world, we continually seek innovative methods to heal and enhance our well-being. Hyperbaric Oxygen and Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT) treatments at Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic in Fargo are both natural and profoundly effective.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, simply put, is the use of oxygen and pressure to facilitate healing. “We’re just using oxygen and pressure,” Dr. Arden Beachy, Medical Director at Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic explained. Patients are placed inside a large chamber, filled with 100% oxygen— a significant jump from the 20% oxygen we breathe in the atmosphere. This method ensures oxygen reaches areas in the body that might have been deprived due to disease or injury.

Why Oxygen?

Oxygen is the fuel for our bodily processes. “Oxygen really runs all the processes that make us be able to breathe, talk, see, and move,” Dr. Beachy said. It determines our health, with top athletes being prime examples of those who utilize oxygen most efficiently. When there’s a disruption in oxygen supply or utilization, ailments occur. Take, for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic, where a major complication was respiratory distress caused by inflammation. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment tackles this. “One of the big things it does is it decreases inflammation,” Dr. Beachy emphasized. The reduction of inflammation alleviates discomfort, pain, and other related symptoms, such as brain fog. In essence, this treatment boosts oxygen utilization, enhancing one’s energy and cognitive abilities.

What to Expect at Swanson Hyperbarics

Swanson Hyperbarics has become synonymous with excellence in the realm of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. Patients, some coming from as far as Western North Dakota, are first given an intake exam. “There are some exclusions, but the majority of people are candidates,” said Dr. Beachy. This detailed assessment ensures each individual receives a tailored treatment plan.

One common misconception might be that this treatment is an injection or requires the introduction of a foreign substance into the body. This isn’t the case. “You don’t have to get an injection,” Dr. Beachy said. Instead, the treatment enhances the natural healing processes by saturating the body with much-needed oxygen.

More Than Just Healing

Interestingly, the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment extend beyond healing injuries or illnesses. There also may be an anti-aging aspect. Research indicates this treatment can slow down the degradation of telomeres, the protective ends of our chromosomes, which tend to fray as we age.

Is it For Everyone?

While many can benefit from this treatment, Dr. Beachy emphasized the importance of the intake exam. Conditions like heart failure or being oxygen-dependent due to extensive smoking might exclude some from undergoing this therapy. However, the majority are viable candidates.

Acute vs. Chronic Conditions

Acute injuries often find a swift resolution with this treatment. Chronic diseases, while not always completely curable, can become manageable. “It usually is an acute problem or something that just happened, or is it something that’s been going on a long time? It depends if you need maintenance and a longer set of dives,” elaborated Dr. Beachy.

What conditions is it good for?

There are 14 conditions covered by Insurance in the US that have been approved by the FDA. At Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic, they do not process insurance, but they will help you submit claims to your insurance for reimbursement.

Air or Gas Embolism

Decompression Sickness

Gas Gangrene

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Diabetic Wounds

Radiation Tissue Injury

Intracranial Abscess

Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis

Skin Grafts and Flaps

Severe Anemia

Acute Traumatic Ischemia (Compartment Syndrome)

Necrotizing Skin Infections

Thermal Burns

Air or Gas Embolism

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis

Acute Traumatic Ischemia (Compartment Syndrome)

Decompression Sickness

Diabetic Wounds

Skin Grafts and Flaps

Necrotizing Skin Infections

Gas Gangrene

Radiation Tissue Injury

Severe Anemia

Thermal Burns

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Intracranial Abscess

Other conditions NOT covered by insurance that can be treated with Hyperbaric therapy include:

What is Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT)?

From the southern tip of Africa emerges an innovative approach to wellness, one that combines a plethora of health technologies into one super machine. Crystal Amundson, PA-C at Swanson Hyperbarics Clinic, admits that while the technology is rather new, it has shown very impressive results.

The Innovative “Space Pod”

Designed and developed by a visionary South African company, this unique wellness technology looks like something out of a sci-fi film—an L-shaped pod reminiscent of a futuristic space capsule. However, it’s not designed for interstellar travel but rather for a transformative 30-minute wellness session.

Participants swap their clothes for a towel, sit inside this pod, and only their heads remain outside. The procedure prioritizes user comfort and safety, ensuring attendants are always on standby to address any concerns.

The technology harnesses the power of various treatments:

CO2 Therapy Carbon Dioxide Therapy)

Usage in HOCATT: Introduces carbon dioxide (CO2) which then reacts with water (H2O) to form carbonic acid (H2CO3). This slightly acidifies the blood, prompting the body to increase oxygen uptake and delivery to cells.

Benefits: Can lead to improved circulation, increased oxygen delivery to cells, and improved cellular metabolism.

Oxygen Therapy

Usage in HOCATT: Introduces high concentrations of oxygen to the body, typically while a person is seated within the HOCATT chamber.

Benefits: Can lead to increased cellular oxygenation, improved energy, faster recovery from physical exertion, and accelerated healing processes.

Far Infrared Sauna

Usage in HOCATT: Emits far infrared rays, which are a form of thermal energy.

Benefits: It helps to increase body temperature, promoting detoxification through sweating, improved circulation, and can provide relief from pain and stiffness.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Usage in HOCATT: Generates electromagnetic fields in pulses to stimulate cellular activity.

Benefits: Can accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and enhance cellular energy production.

Photon Light Therapy

Usage in HOCATT: Uses specific wavelengths of light to promote healing and reduce inflammation.

Benefits: Can enhance skin health, accelerate wound healing, reduce pain, and stimulate cellular regeneration.

Whole Body Hyperthermia

Usage in HOCATT: Increases the body’s core temperature.

Benefits: Can lead to improved immune response (as the body reacts similarly to having a fever), increased detoxification, and enhanced metabolic processes.

Frequency Specific Microcurrents

Usage in HOCATT: Delivers low-level electrical currents to the body at specific frequencies intended to resonate with cellular activities.

Benefits: May reduce pain, stimulate healing processes, and optimize cellular function.

More benefits include

Using The Treatments in Tandem

“They can certainly aid each other since they both promote blood flow and oxygen delivery,” Amundson said. “We do find that most prefer to do the HOCATT treatment after the Hyperbaric treatment, however.

Interested in learning more?

Check out these links for further reading or give Swanson Hyperbarics a call!

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