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Meet the Maker: Jessica in Stitches

By Ashley Morken, Owner, Unglued
Photos submitted by Ashley Morken

Just like you’ll find out below, we had an instant connection with Jessica in Stitches thanks to her crazy creative, intricate, and realistic pet embroidery! It’s so fun to learn about the background of how a maker began to work in their medium and what inspired it. Read on to hear about Jessica’s creative world of embroidery being her “pandemic sourdough starter” and how long it takes to create these custom pet pieces!

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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello there! I’m Jessica, the artist behind the threads for Jessica in Stitches. I’m a local artist based in Fargo, ND. I am so lucky that I have two of the best jobs! I am a full-time ultrasound tech and an embroidery artist. I’m super passionate about both and will gladly talk your ear off about both of them. What I love about ultrasound is that I use my brain every day—critical thinking is a huge part of my job. And I know that I make an impact on my patients’ care. I’m also a fan of anime, board games, and spooky things. And I have a cat and a dog who are my very lazy but supportive assistants.

Describe what type of products you make under Jessica in Stitches.

My business is all about creating embroideries that mean something to me and my clients. The types of embroideries I create include thread-painted pet portraits, cross-stitch families, house portraits, embroidered Polaroid picture frames, and quotes/sayings with plenty of flowers and French knots! I’m open to any kind of commission and my best ideas come from brainstorming with my clients!

Tell us how you got started with your business.

I found my love for embroidery during the pandemic with my sourdough starter. When I wasn’t at the hospital, I spent my time at home embroidering Christmas gifts for my family. I posted them on Facebook and this led to multiple requests from family and friends to embroider for them. After so many projects, I knew this was a business I wanted to start so I could create even more embroideries!

How has it evolved in the first couple of years?

If you look at my first portraits of my pets that I made in 2020 (which you can on my website) and compare them to my last pet portrait commission, you can see the dramatic improvements that I’ve made since I started. I love taking on new challenges and trying new techniques. I recently made a beautiful plaid bow on a pet portrait. It was my first time taking on that kind of pattern and I crushed it! And I also started embroidering house portraits as a new challenge and it’s been so much fun!

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What is the most popular item you specifically sell?

My most popular has to be my 6-inch pet portraits. They are so beautiful when they are finished and some have been for rainbow bridge pets. It’s such a meaningful way to remember your animals and keep them present in your home.

You do a lot with custom dog embroidery! What’s something people might find surprising about that process?

I think there are two things that people might find surprising about my pet portraits. One is the amount of hours and the number of colors that go into each pet portrait embroidery. A six-inch pet portrait can take me anywhere from 20-30 hours from start to finish. I create each outline, stain the hoop and matching easel, and use all single threads in my portraits to create that realistic fur texture. I also use 15-20+ different colored embroidery threads to create the dimension and detail.

What is the thing you’ve enjoyed the most about doing this handcrafted business?

My absolute favorite thing is when people walk by my booth and see my board of pet portraits. If they are a fellow animal lover, it creates an instant connection. And then we get to bond over showing each other pictures of our animals.

What is the most challenging thing?

Social media is by far the most challenging. I’m not the best at making satisfying embroidery videos like the ones I see on TikTok. I am so focused on what I am creating that I mostly share work-inprogress pictures. But this year I am going try to create more fun content and give a glance into my space and processes.

What is one craft or art medium you haven’t really dabbled in yet that you want to try someday?

I would LOVE to try using a scroll saw to create huge floral wooden wall art or make a stained glass rose or skull. But I am very accident-prone and I enjoy having all my fingers attached … even though I stab them daily with blunt embroidery needles.

What is a word that best describes you?


What advice would you have given yourself five years ago?

Five years ago, I was 27 and struggling to find my art medium. I tried acrylic paint, watercolor, alcohol ink, sewing, etc. It was such a struggle for me to find a creative outlet that calmed my brain. I would tell my past self to keep experimenting and trying new things. I would tell myself that your art medium is out there and you’ll be so happy when you find it!

Where can people find your work?

I am most active on Instagram! That is the best place to get updates on what I’m working on. I also always apply for the Unglued Makers Markets at Brewhalla, so there is a good chance to find me and my embroideries there! And my website has galleries of all my past commissions, previously sold and available to ship embroideries!

Where can people find your work?
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Written by Geneva Nodland

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